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FREE InRoom IT at the Westin Peachtree

Sat Nov 10 20:53:52 -0800 2007

Everyone from ApacheCon, who registered to stay at the Westin, gets FREE IT in their hotel room.

When you go online, you will be asked to click in for the $14.95 per day fee but then the hotel deletes it from your bill each day. All sleeping rooms that are coded as ApacheCon attendees have this extra value.

What if you didn't book through the ApacheCon web site.....
It may not be too late. Check with the front desk and see if you can be 'moved' into the ApacheCon block. Or see Charel at the Registration Desk on the 8th floor in front of Peachtree Ballroom and maybe she can help out.

Otherwise, when you are in the lobby or conference area look for wifi signal ApacheCon and log in.

Welcome To ApacheCon US 2007!