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Fast Feather Track

Fast Feather Track  Thursday Only
Vinnings Level 6 • Sponsored by IONA

The ASF is now over 10 years old, with more than fifty top-level projects and dozens of other active projects – so many that we couldn’t cover them all in a 10-day conference! And additionally, there are new ideas and potential new projects being hatched in the Incubator and Labs every day.

With this in mind, we bring you the Fast Feather Talks. An extra session track has been added for Thursday. Join us in an intimate setting to hear 10 to 15 minute updates on some of your favorite (or soon-to-be favorite!) projects within the ASF community. Stay for a few talks, or stay all day and get caught up on the exciting, cutting-edge world of ASF projects!


The Incubator is the entry path into The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) for projects and codebases wishing to become part of the Foundation's efforts. All code donations from external organizations and existing external projects wishing to join Apache enter through the Incubator.


Apache Labs is a place for innovation where committers of the foundation can experiment with new ideas. The aim is to provide the necessary resource to promote and maintain the innovative power within the Apache community without the burden of community building.

Time • ID • Title • Speaker • Session Abstract

09:00 – 10:00

FF01 - Living in the Fast Lane - Co-Hosted by Daniel Kulp & Lars Eilebrecht

FF02 - Simplified SOA development with Apache Tuscany - Simon Nash

FF03 - Parsing Atom With Apache Abdera - Garrett Rooney


10:00 – 11:00

FF04 - Apache ODE, BPEL and such - Matthieu Riou

FF05 - Apache Sling - A Content Based Web Application Framework - Felix Meschberger

FF06 - Catching the Qpid Bug - Carl Trieloff


Room will be dark during Keynote


14:00 – 15:00

FF07 - Apache Lokahi – Automated Configuration Management - Steve Toback

FF08 - Enterprise Integration made easy with ServiceMix 4.0 - Guillaume Nodet

FF09 - Apache NMaven - Supporting .NET, Mono, & dotGNU with Maven - Brett Porter


15:00 – 16:00

FF10 - Why the heck should YOU care about Apache UIMA? - Marshall Schor

FF11 - Building Web Services with Apache CXF - Daniel Kulp

FF12 - Apache Sanselan - A Pure-Java Image Library - Carsten Ziegeler


16:30 – 17:30

FF13 - Apache OpenJPA - Standards-based Object Relational Mapping - Craig Russell

FF14 - Zero to EE in 5 minutes with Tomcat & OpenEJB - Dain Sundstrom

FF15 - Apache Tika -An extensible, configurable content-analysis framework - Jukka Zitting


17:30 – 18:30

FF16 - The Jini in the River - Gianugo Rabellino

FF17 - Apache httpd alternatives with mod_ftp - William A. Rowe, Jr

FF18 - Introducing mod_dns for the Apache HTTP Server - Issac Goldstand

Title: Living in the Fast Lane
Speakers: Lars Eilebrecht and Daniel Kulp

Introduction to the Fast Feather Track: Sneak peek into proposed projects and podlings currently under incubation at the ASF Incubator and Labs. Catch 15-minute snapshots of new and promising technologies such as Sling, Tuscany, and UIMA in an interactive, informal presentation structure.

Title: Simplified SOA development with Apache Tuscany
Speaker: Simon Nash

Apache Tuscany simplifies the development of service-oriented applications by providing a consistent way of creating, composing and invoking services that can be implemented using many different technologies.  Tuscany is an implementation of the Service Component Architecture and Service Data Objects standards being defined by the OASIS OpenCSA group.  It provides a managed runtime for hosting services written in Java, C++, BPEL, JavaScript, Ruby and Groovy, or implemented using other technologies such as Spring, OSGi and XQuery.  Tuscany's modular and extensible architecture spans the spectrum of service protocols, with support for enterprise protocols such as Web Services, EJB, JMS and RMI, as well as Web 2.0 protocols like Atom, RSS, JSON-RPC and DWR (AJAX).

Title: Parsing Atom With Apache Abdera
Speaker: Garrett Rooney

A quick 10 minute introduction to Apache Abdera, covering the basics of parsing Atom feeds, manipulating them in various ways and writing them out again.

Title: Apache ODE, BPEL and such
Speaker: Matthieu Riou

An outline on what Business Process Execution Language is about and how ODE (Orchestration Director Engine) implements it. We'll be talking about Web services, orchestration and how to replace your in-house workflow engine. Should you be using ODE already? Probably. Want to know why? That's what the session is about.

Title: Apache Sling - A Content Based Web Application Framework
Speaker: Felix Meschberger

Building on top of Java Content Repositories, implemented as OSGi Bundles, Sling is an extensible Web Application framework enabling quick development of flexible content based applications. Sling has the persistence layer already built in, still the developer is not forced into using low level persistence API by employing the flexible, configurable the Jackrabbit Object Content Mapping.
Extensibility of the framework to build and extend applications is provided by employing the OSGi specification to build a modular and highly dynamic system: Extensions can be installed, updated and deinstalled at runtime without forcing the developer and system administrator into time consuming and error prone stop-build-start cycles.
This presentation highlights the goals of the project and shows how these goals are met.

Title: Catching the Qpid Bug
Speaker: Carl Trieloff

The Qpid Project provides an open and interoperable, multiple language implementation of the Advanced Messaged Queuing Protocol (AMQP) specification and related technologies.
In this session we will cover what Qpid is, who we are, where the projects is at, what Qpid gets used for (where we know...), and why you should use it and contribute. In addition some interesting performance data about the project will be provided as well.

Title: Apache Lokahi - Automated Configuration Management
Speaker: Steve Toback

Tired of making the same configuration change on multiple machines, or maintaining the scripts you use to do it?  Then the incubating Lokahi project will interest you.  This talk will cover how Lokahi can help you perform a number of management tasks (such as deploying configurations, restarting Apache Httpd and Tomcat, etc.), and how it is structured to help automate the runtime tasks of a Web infrastructure.

Title: Enterprise Integration made easy with ServiceMix 4.0
Speaker: Guillaume Nodet

Apache ServiceMix is an Open Source ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) that combines the functionality of a Service Oriented Architecture and an Event Driven Architecture to create an agile, enterprise ESB. Join this talk to find out more about ServiceMix 4.0, the next major version of the most popular open source JBI implementation.

Title: Apache NMaven -  Supporting .NET, Mono, and dotGNU with Maven
Speaker: Brett Porter

With increasing demand for Maven to support .NET-based and mixed-language projects, the intention of the NMaven project is to develop plugins and integration for Maven to make building and using .NET languages a first-class citizen in Maven.

Title: Why the heck should YOU care about UIMA?
Speaker: Marshall Schor

The Apache UIMA Project is a component framework for the analysis of unstructured data. You-ee-ma is making waves in academic and commercial circles, and some new synergies with other Apache projects are budding.  We'll show some intriguing applications making use of the UIMA framework, and ask for your participation in hooking into some specific Apache technologies, for mutual benefit and a few good beers.

Title: Building Web Services with Apache CXF
Speaker: Daniel Kulp

Abstract: Apache CXF helps you build and develop services using frontend programming APIs, like JAX-WS. These services can speak a variety of protocols such as SOAP, XML/HTTP, RESTful HTTP, or CORBA and work over a variety of transports such as HTTP, JMS or JBI.Title: Building Web Services with Apache CXF

Title: Apache Sanselan - A Pure-Java Image Library
Speaker: Carsten Ziegeler

There are many libraries dealing with various image formats in Java land - the new project in incubation, Sanselan, provides a portable toolkit for reading and writing a variety of image formats. A common simple to use API provides access to both, the meta data and the binary information. This talk gives an overview about the Sanselan project.

Title: Apache OpenJPA - Standards-based Object Relational Mapping
Speaker: Craig Russell

OpenJPA is now integrated with several other open source projects. Here's what we do that goes beyond the standards. Here's what we're planning for next release. Here's how we plan to grow. Here's what we're doing to be the #1 ORM solution in open source. Here's how it's integrated with other projects, here and at Apache. Here are some things you  might want to know about when integrating it into your project.

Title: Zero to EE in 5 minutes with Tomcat and OpenEJB
Speaker: Dain Sundstrom

The OpenEJB plugin adds JEE features to Tomcat without the complexity of a traditional JEE server.  OpenEJB's unique approach to JEE augments a standalone Tomcat server (instead of embedding Tomcat into the JEE server), ensuring that all Tomcat features and behaviors remain so that applications do not have to be retooled just to add JPA, JMS or EJB.

Title: Apache Tika - An extensible, configurable content-analysis framework
Speaker: Jukka Zitting

Tika is a new content analysis framework borne from the desire to factor our commonality from the Apache Nutch search engine framework. Tika provides a mime detection framework, an extensible parsing framework and metadata environment for content analysis. Though in its nascent stages, progress on Tika has recently taken shape and the project is nearing a stable 0.1 release.
In this talk, we'll describe the core APIs of Tika and discuss its use in several distinct domains including search engines, scientific data dissemination and an industrial setting.

Title: The Jini in the River
Speaker: Gianugo Rabellino

Apache River is a new podling in the Apache Incubator to continue development and advancement of the Jini technology core infrastructure.
Join us in this talk and find out all the latest and greatest from the official implementation of Jini.

Title: Apache httpd alternatives with mod_ftp
Speaker: William A. Rowe, Jr.

As much as http is ubiquitous today for almost all transfer needs, there remains a legacy niche for reliable FTP file transfers.  Anyone with a dead or corrupted browser has fallen back on grabbing their favorite, latest browser via ftp, and in fact it's the most portable file transfer mechanism ever created.  This Fast Feather track will introduce you to the mod_ftp solution for serving content and transfering data using FTP, with implicit or explicit SSL/TLS encryption support.  You'll learn what it can accomplish for you, when it is a suitable alternative to running ftpd, and when it's not.

: Introducing mod_dns for the Apache HTTP Server
Speaker: Issac Goldstand

This session will introduce the new mod_dns protocol module for the Apache httpd project.  We'll talk about what it can already do, what we want it to eventually do, and give you a chance to talk about what you'd like it to do.  We'll also briefly discuss the work being done on non-TCP protocols inside the httpd project.