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Atlanta Airport has one terminal building divided into two mirror image areas - Terminal North and Terminal South. Each area has its own access and parking lots.

Terminal North    is for most US airlines (except Delta) and most overseas carriers.
Terminal South    is for Delta Air Lines, Aeromexico, Air France and South African Airways flights.

Departure gates are located at the terminal - the T Gates Concourse and five additional Concourses. The Concourses are reached by Atlanta's own subway train system.
Concourse T    is for American, Delta and United flights.
Concourse A    is a Delta concourse.
Concourse B    is also for Delta flights.
Concourse C    is for ASA - a Delta Connection partner plus AirTran and Frontier Airlines flights.
Concourse D    is for most domestic flights (except American and United).
Concourse E    is the international concourse - all international flights depart/arrive here.



      Taxis are available at the Ground Transportation Area outside the terminal Arrivals area. Follow the signs from baggage claim.

Taxis are regulated by the City of Atlanta and there is a flat rate from the airport downtown.

      Journey time to downtown Atlanta 20-30 minutes depending on traffic.

    * Fixed fare $18 for one person, $10 each for two and $8 each for three or more (max $24).


      The MARTA train station at Atlanta Airport is located in the terminal building towards the Ground Transportation Area. Follow the signs. For the Westin Peachtree Plaza check out this site. And yes you want the Peachtree Plaza station

      Trains run from the airport to downtown Atlanta between approximately 05:00 and 01:30 (5am to 1.30am) weekdays and from 05:30 to 01:00 (5.30am to 1am) weekends. Departures are every 4-5 minutes weekdays and 10-15 minutes on weekends.

      Journey time to Downtown (Five Points) around 15 minutes.

    * Fare $1.50.

      The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) provides rail services on two lines. The north-south line runs from Hartsfield in the south through downtown Atlanta to Doraville and Dunwoody in the north. The east-west line runs from Hightower in the west to Indian Creek east of the city. The two lines intersect at Five Points station in the heart of downtown Atlanta.

      For MARTA information for trains and buses phone: (404) 848-4711.

      For a map of the MARTA system.

    The MARTA train provides a quick and convenient method of transportation to the Atlanta downtown area and beyond.


      A number of companies provide bus and van services from the airport. Details at the Ground Transportation Area.

      Atlanta Airport Shuttle has a service to Downtown Atlanta every 15 minutes.
    * Fare: $8 one way, $14 round trip.
      Details: 1 800 842-2770.

      Northside Airport Express have services to northern Atlanta.
      Details and reservations: 1 800 842-2770.

      ShuttleTran provide services to the metro Atlanta area.
      Details and reservations: 1 800 556-5466

      Several limousine companies serve Hartsfield including:

      Airport Connection who provide regular services to Atlanta area hotels.
      Details: (770) 457-5757.

      Carey Limousine have regular services downtown.
      Details and reservations: (404) 223-2000.

      Flagship Limousine of Atlanta.
      Details and reservations: 1 888 FLG-SHIP.

      VIP Limousine provide services to metro Atlanta.
      Details and reservations: 1 800 767-3705

Atlanta Airport History

Three Who Found A Winner

    A race-track, a couple of daredevil pilots and a public servant with faith in the future of aviation gave Atlanta its modest start in life.

    The pilots were Doug Davis and Beeler Blevins, the public servant William Berry Hartsfield. Without them the world class airport of today might never have existed. Their enthusiasm convinced the many sceptics that air travel would be vital to the growth of the City of Atlanta and it was Hartsfield who pushed the program through.

    After being elected a city alderman in 1923 Hartsfield started the hunt for a suitable airport location and came up with an abandoned race-track owned by the Coca-Cola magnate Asa Candler. Atlanta City Council looked at many other sites but in 1925 went with Hartsfield's choice.

    They took a five-year lease, rent free, to develop Candler Field with the option to buy the 287 acres of land for $100,000. That option was exercized in 1930 and Hartsfield's vision was rewarded when he was chosen to head the city's new aviation committee. He went on to be a long-serving Mayor of Atlanta from 1938 to 1961, the year the airport terminal was built.

    Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport lies at number two in the world's busiest airports list having been overtaken by Chicago O'Hare in 2002 as the world's busiest airport.