Special Events

ApacheCon’s Special Events bring the conference to life, and Oakland will be no exception, with many free events open to the public. The fun continues with stimulating receptions, lively presentations, quick-witted sessions such as the Lightning Talks, and our amazing Birthday Bash.

Hackathon | 2-3 November

If you are interested and have the desire and skills to code and develop Open Source software, please join us for this free Hackathon event. Meet Apache project contributors and work on projects together all day long.

BarCamp | 2-3 November

BarCampApache is our free Apache-focused unconference. It will gather people interested in The Apache Software Foundation and it’s various projects to share and learn in a completely open environment. BarCampApache will be intense with discussions, demos and interaction from participants packed into an ad-hoc, participant-driven event. BarCampApache is free, but due to a limit in size, pre-registration is required.

Big Feather Birthday Bash | Wednesday 4 November 18:00-19:30

The Apache Software Foundation is 10 years old, and we’re celebrating in style Wednesday evening with a Big Feather Birthday Bash! Be sure to join us for this action packed reception and party.

Lightning Talks | Thursday 5 November 17:30-18:30

This lively session has become a fun and expected ApacheCon tradition! Thursday evening, after the day’s sessions are done, we will gather in the main hall for Lightning Talks. As a community, taking time to laugh together is as important as taking time to code together. The Lightning Talks are spontaneous and each year has its own unique highlights. Topics can be of any sort, as long as they relate to the ASF or to ASF projects.