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ApacheCon is a week of open source goodness straight from the source of the Apache Software Foundation, featuring 15 intense training classes over two days followed by three days of more than 50 sessions by the creators of open source software such as the Apache webserver, Tomcat, Lucene, Wicket and more.


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New This Year

Wed Apr 02 10:56:25 -0700 2008

BarCode . . . we provide the Bar and you bring the Code!
Monday 7 April 17:30-19:30 • Sponsored by Yahoo!

Experience an evening of "Un-Conference" activity and join The ASF Committers for this informal gathering to discuss and explore a select group of Apache projects. Bring your questions, your ideas and join the party. Come for the conversation, stay for the beer!

Featured projects will include Hadoop, WicketApache Tomcat, Lucene, Mahout and Solr

2-Day Certified Trainings . . . offered for the first time at ApacheCon Europe!

Half-Day, Full-Day, and 2-Day Trainings are being offered!
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NEW THIS YEAR! 2-Day Trainings

Filip Hanik and Covalent Technologies present EVERYTHING TOMCAT!
The fastest way for you to learn everything you need to know about Apache Tomcat. If you are an administrator, developer, release engineer, or perhaps a bit of all these, then this Covalent Certified training is for you. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, you are guaranteed to learn something new in this class. The curriculum spans from basic Tomcat configuration to advanced tuning of both Tomcat and the JVM. We'll go over several different deployment methodologies, with and without Web server connectors, load balanced or not, and how to maximize the performance of Tomcat in your infrastructure. You'll learn how to troubleshoot Tomcat, how to classify different types of error messages, and how to correctly reconfigure your server based on the actual error. Towards the end of the training we will take a deep dive into the core of Tomcat, learning both architecture and code, and how to write your own Tomcat components.

Gerald Mullan presents MyFaces and AJAX in Action where you will build your first web application using JSF 1.2 with MyFaces and Facelets. This application will be ajaxified and enhanced with some cool components. In a best-practice JSF web-application advanced stuff like Spring 2.0 integration will be discussed as well. This is a very practical hands on training.

Full-Day Trainings (also certified) Include:

Lucene Boot Camp with Grant Ingersoll  - Apache Lucene is a high-performance, cross-platform search API in production use in a large number of applications. This training will be an in-depth, hands-on class targeted at developers who wish to integrate Lucene Java into their applications. The full day training will cover the key concepts behind Lucene, along with code examples, documentation and resources. Concepts covered are: Lucene setup; indexing content, including multilingual content, indexing customization; searching, including how to use the many Lucene Query APIs to achieve better search results. Additionally, we will cover advanced topics like Lucene performance and threading issues, Span Queries, filters, term vectors, and sorting, all of which can help solve common problems in search applications. The class will gain hands-on experience with Lucene and leave with the know-how to build a Lucene-based application. No prior Lucene knowledge is required, but participants must be able to code in the Java programming language and come prepared to code. Concepts learned can also be applied to Solr.

Solr Boot Camp with Erik Hatcher
- Solr has emerged as THE way to add search services to applications written in any language. Lucene powers Solr's RESTful web services. This all-day training will begin with a Solr overview, and move through installation and configuration. The bulk of session will be spent diving deeply into integrating Solr with various technologies. Solr features caching, replication support for load balancing, faceting, highlighting, more-like-this, simple HTTP protocol supporting XML, JSON, and other formats. Erik will discuss his Solr experiences on the applications he has built with it.

Portlet Development using the new JSR-286 (Portlet v2) API with Noel Bergman
Join Internationally respected Trainer Noel Bergman and build your own 2 Day Lucene Training by combining Lucene Boot Camp with Solr Boot Camp!  As web applications move into a SOA environment, which is characterized by building applications from Web service components, many find that they are also building their Web UIs using a similar component model. Built from the on-screen assembly of Portlet components, Portals provide for the standardized delivery of aggregated, personalized, content. JSR-286 is is the successor standard to JSR-168: the standard Portlet API for Java developers.

A Great Selection of Half-Day Trainings are also offered

For Details of Day 1 Sessions click here: 2008-04-07

For Details of Day 2 Sessions click here:  2008-04-08