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ApacheCon is a week of open source goodness straight from the source of the Apache Software Foundation, featuring 15 intense training classes over two days followed by three days of more than 50 sessions by the creators of open source software such as the Apache webserver, Tomcat, Lucene, Wicket and more.


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Birds of a Feather Sessions

Wednesday, 9 April • 20:30-22:30 and Thursday, 10 April • 20:30- 22:30

During the conference, The BOF schedule will be updated daily and posted on the Conference at a Glance banners located on the Expo floor and near registration.

BOFs are the perfect opportunity to meet with other Apache users and developers in a casual
environment. The BOF sessions at ApacheCon are informal gatherings of persons interested
in a particular topic. Don't miss these special evening activities designed to maximize the
value of your time at the conference.

WEDNESDAY  •  9 April

Java Search API (JSA): Towards Standardizing Java Enterprise Search
with Uri Boness from JTeam
In the last couple of years we've witnessed search related projects like Lucene and Solr gaining huge momentum and support by users and contributors. Search has moved from being a "nice to have" feature, to playing a key role in almost every enterprise application.
This session will be an open discussion on the different aspects of integrating the different search solutions with a typical JEE application, and how/whether a standardized Java search API can assist in doing that. We would like to invite you to share your thoughts and ideas in this discussion.

20:30-21:30 • BOF and Beer
Getting the most of out of your Apache SpamAssassin Deployment
  with Neil Cook
In this session, moderated by Neil Cook of Cloudmark, we will discuss how sysadmins can significantly improve SpamAssassin accuracy and performance.  First, we will set forth clear definitions and metrics for both accuracy and performance so that benchmarking can be done properly. Secondly, we will discuss emerging messaging trends that can prove troublesome to standard SpamAssassin configurations, such as image, PDF, or URL redirector (e.g., Then we will discuss methodologies for improving both SpamAssassin performance and accuracy in the context of today’s more menacing messaging threats. We will conclude the session with a presentation from XS4ALL, the leading ISP in Holland, who will bring color to the issue by talking about their deployment. They will discuss the problems they faced with increasing spam volumes and how they were able to optimize accuracy and performance while leveraging SpamAssassin.

Apache Shindig
with Dan Peterson, Cassie Doll, Chris Chabot and John Hjelmstad
is a new project in the Apache incubator that is becoming the reference implementation for OpenSocial and gadgets infrastructure. This project aims to make it easy for a new social website to become a "container" for OpenSocial applications, and is making rapid progress. Come learn about the project's infrastructure, see a demo, and find out how to get involved. Q&A very welcome.


Eclipse-Integrated Tooling for ServiceMix with Gerald Preissler and Andrei Shakirin
A general discussion about tools for SOA-related development in general. Which artifacts can be identified -- what tools are need to support the user when working with these artifacts -- and how can they be combined in an integrated IDE as opposed to a mixture of stand-alone tools? This BOF will include a short demonstration of some Eclipse-based tooling for ServiceMix that SOPERA has developed and that will be released as open source shortly. Join the discussion and help determine if these tools address the needs of the community, what is missing and how they could be improved. If some participants would be interested in joining a community to further the development of these tools, this would be tremendous, of course.


THURSDAY  •  10 April

The Hadoop BOF – with Ajay Anand
Join the Hadoop team for an informal, lively and interactive discussion about their experiences with Hadoop from a development, as well as a production deployment perspective. Joining in the discussion will be Owen O’Malley and Allen Wittenauer. There may also be surprise guests from other organizations contributing to or using Hadoop. Audience questions and participation are invited!