ApacheCon US 2005

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Saminda Abeyruwan

Saminda Abeyruwan (saminda at apache dot org)

Session: Why Axis2: The Future of Web Services

Working for WSO2 as a Software Engineer, currently contributing to Apache Axis2 and Apache Synapse.

Jean Anderson

Jean Anderson

Session: Apache Derby Security

Jean Anderson has twenty years experience developing server-side and client-side applications on relational and object-relational databases. Currently she is the Community Architect for IBM Cloudscape.

Aaron Bannert

Aaron Bannert (aaron at apache dot org)

Sessions: Advanced Topics in Module Design: Threadsafety and Portability, Building Scalable Web Architectures, Scalable Apache for Beginners

Aaron Bannert is a member of the Apache Software Foundation and works as an Open Source Consultant for his company Codemass, Inc. Some of the projects he's been involved in are httpd, APR, the Apache.org infrastructure team, and the Incubator, and he has been known to dabble in other projects such as PHP and Flood as well. Lately he has been spending a lot of time working on high-performance webservers and writing high-concurrency network services. Aaron has been living in San Francisco for the past year after having lived in Orange County for most of his life, and absolutely loves the new area.

Clinton Begin

Session: Dealing with Enterprise Database Challenges In OO Applications

Clinton Begin is a Senior Applications Developer for ThoughtWorks Canada. He has been building enterprise applications based on the Java platform for 8 years and has extensive experience with persistence frameworks and relational databases. Clinton is the creator of the iBATIS Data Mapper, which he designed in response to the challenges faced by object oriented developers dealing with enterprise relational databases. Clinton is an experienced speaker. He has delivered formal presentations, training seminars and boot camps for audiences of up to 400, from San Francisco to New York City.

Noel Bergman

Noel Bergman

Session: Portlet Development using JSR-168

Noel J Bergman's background in object-oriented programming spans close to 25 years, including participation on the original CORBA and Common Object Services Task Forces. Noel is a Member of the Apache Software Foundation, where he participates on various projects and the infrastructure team; helps in Community building; and is the Apache Incubator PMC Chair. Noel's presentations are intended to introduce attendees to the various technologies, and bring them up to speed. The goal is to enable attendees to immediately benefit from such technologies in their own projects.

Rich Bowen

Rich Bowen (rbowen at rcbowen dot com)

Sessions: Apache authentication, Intro to WebDAV, Introduction to mod_rewrite, Introduction to the Apache Web Server, URL Mapping

Rich Bowen is the Web Database Programmer for Asbury College in Wilmore, Kentucky. Rich is the author of Apache Cookbook and The Definitive Guide to Apache mod_rewrite. He is a member of the Apache documentation project and of the Apache Software Foundation.

Tim Bray

Tim Bray

Session: Keynote by Tim Bray

Tim Bray managed the Oxford English Dictionary project at the University of Waterloo in 1987-1989, co-founded Open Text Corporation (Nasdaq:OTEX) in 1989, launched one of the first public web search engines in 1995, co-invented XML 1.0 and co-edited "Namespaces in XML" between 1996 and 1999, founded Antarctica Systems (antarctica.net) in 1999, and served as a Tim Berners-Lee appointee on the W3C Technical Architecture Group (http://www.w3.org/2001/tag) in 2002-2004. Currently, he serves as Director of Web Technologies at Sun Microsystems, publishes a popular weblog (http://www.tbray.org/ongoing/), and co-chairs the IETF AtomPub Working Group (http://www.ietf.org/html.charters/atompub-charter.html).

Don Brown

Session: Struts 2006: An Embarrassment of Riches

Don Brown is the Technical Lead for Hosted Services at Atlassian Software Systems, with a background in the commercial and US Department of Defense sectors. He is a member of the Apache Software Foundation, and has been a Struts committer since 2003. He is also a committer on several Apache Commons projects, and is a frequent speaker at JavaOne, ApacheCon and Java user groups.

Emmanuel Cecchet

Emmanuel Cecchet

Session: Building Highly Available Applications with Geronimo and Derby

Emmanuel Cecchet has a Ph.D. from Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble, France. He contributed to the DynaServer project at Rice University to study the design of scalable, high-performance and highly available e-business servers. After leaving Rice, he led a team at INRIA in France to provide open-source middleware for large scale data servers. In 2005, Emmanuel joined Continuent where he now servers as Chief Scientific Officer. Emmanuel was Chief Architect of the ObjectWeb open source consortium and the leader of the C-JDBC project (http://c-jdbc.objectweb.org). He now leads Continuent.org and the Sequoia project (http://sequoia.continuent.org)

Philippe M. Chiasson

Philippe M. Chiasson (gozer at apache dot org)

Sessions: From CGI to mod_perl 2.0, Fast!, mod_perl for Speed Freaks!

Philippe M. Chiasson is an open-source developer, spending most of his time working on mod_perl, an ASF project to open up the power of the apache API to Perl developers. He is a member of the ASF and currently works for ActiveState.

Eran Chinthaka

Eran Chinthaka

Session: Why Axis2: The Future of Web Services

Pioneering member of Apache Axis2, Axiom and Synapse projects, and a member of ASF.

Ken Coar

Ken Coar (Ken dot Coar at Golux dot Com)

Sessions: Closing Session, Opening Plenary

Ken Coar is a director and vice president of the Apache Software Foundation, a director and vice president of the Open Software Initiative, and a Senior Software Engineer with IBM. He has over two decades of experience with software engineering and system administration. Ken has worked with the Web since 1992, and in addition to working on Apache and PHP he was one of the authors of RFC 3874 (the CGI specification). He is the author of 'Apache Server for Dummies', a lead author of 'Apache Server Unleashed', and a co-author of 'Apache Cookbook'.

Chris J. Davis

Chris J. Davis

Session: Intro to XSLT

Chris J. Davis is a Web Developer and Mac Head living in Central Kentucky, USA. Currently Chris is the Web Architect for Asbury College, a core developer Habari Project and a contributing author for Blog Design Solutions from Friends of Ed. You can find his ramblings at Sillyness Spelled Wrong Intentionally.

David DeWolf

Session: Embedding Apache Pluto

David is the president and founder of Three Pillar Software, Inc., a small consultancy focused on providing custom application development and training services revolving around Open Source Technologies and Agile Methodologies. He works with mid sized and fortune 1000 companies to establish corporate standards that promote best practices and agile development. His past clients include PepsiCo, FritoLay, McKesson, NASD, PTC, and Johnson Controls as well as many mid sized and startup companies. David has over 8 years of commercial software development experience. He is a member of the Apache Software Foundation's Struts, Tiles, and Portals projects and participates in the Java Community Process as a member of the Java Portlet Specification Expert Group. David is the author of various online publications and enjoys presenting on technical and agile topics. He recently presented at ApacheCon US 2005, Agile 2006, and SW Best Practices 2006 and is schedule to speak at other upcoming events. When David is not working with software, he enjoys spending time with his wife and four kids.

Cory Doctorow

Cory Doctorow

Session: Keynote by Cory Doctorow

Cory Doctorow is the European Affairs Coordinator for the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). He's also a visiting lecturer at Yale University Engineering, a fellow at Stanhope Centre in London, a Contributing Writer to Wired Magazine and a columnist for Popular Science and Make Magazines. I sit on the committee for the O'Reilly Emerging Technology conference and am an advisor to Ludicorp, Inc and Musicbrainz. I'm also the co-editor of the popular weblog Boing Boing. I co-founded the open source P2P technology company OpenCola, which was sold to OpenText in 2003.

Jim Driscoll (maus at io dot com)

Session: Open Source for Business and Profit

Jim Driscoll has been at Sun for nearly nine years, ever since he joined JavaSoft to work on the Java Web Server and the first version of Servlets. At various times, he has been the manager of the J2EE RI, the Java Web Services Developer Pack, and a host of Open Source, web and XML projects that Sun has either participated in or led. His current job title is Manager, Project GlassFish. He lives and works in the southern part of the San Francisco Bay area.

Thomas Dudziak (tomdz at apache dot org)

Sessions: How to Unit Test the User Interface of Web Applications, Java-XML Binding Approaches at Apache

Thomas Dudziak is a comitter to the OJB project since 2003, and to the DdlUtils project (former commons-sql). Since 1997 he is a researcher in the Fraunhofer organization, a large German research organization, in the Fraunhofer FIRST institute in the fields of applied computer graphics and modern visualization technologies. He also works for IT Service Omikron since 1998, a small company specialized in web and desktop application development, and development and quality assurance consulting.

Lisa Dusseault

Session: Cosmo and CalDAV: Open Source, Standards-based Calendar Sharing

Lisa Dusseault is a development manager and standards architect at the Open Source Applications Foundation, where she's involved in the Chandler, Cosmo and Scooby projects. Previously, Lisa came from Xythos, an Internet startup where she was development manager for four years. She has also been an IETF contributor on various Internet applications protocols for eight years now, and continues to do this kind of work at OSAF. She co-chairs the IETF IMAP extensions and CALSIFY (Calendaring and Scheduling Standards Simplification) Working Groups. She is also the author of a book on WebDAV and co-author of CalDAV, an open and interoperable protocol for calendar access and sharing.

Lars Eilebrecht

Lars Eilebrecht

Sessions: Behind the Scenes of the Apache Software Foundation (Part 1), Behind the Scenes of the Apache Software Foundation (Part 2), Panel: Inside Apache

Lars is co-founder and member of The Apache Software Foundation, and started contributing to the Apache web server project in 1997. In addition, he is the Vice President of the Conference Planning Committee, a member of the Apache security team, and the Apache public relations committee. He has a degree in computer engineering from the University of Siegen, Germany, where he wrote his first book about the Apache web server. He held various senior engineering, consulting and management positions at various ISPs, mobile network providers and software development companies. Lars is also a member of the International Financial Cryptography Association. Currently he is working as a senior security officer for a software development company in Munich specializing in cryptographic research and development, and the operation of highly secure data centers.

Daniel Fagerstrom

Session: Cocoon Blocks

Daniel Fagerstrom has been involved in the Cocoon community since 2001 and a committer since 2003. He share his time between developing Cocoon based applications at Lentus AB and doing research in computer vision at KTH. He lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

Brian Fitzpatrick

Brian Fitzpatrick (fitz at apache dot org)

Sessions: ApacheCon Lightning Lottery Talks and a Movie, From CVS to SVN: Case studies in migrating your team to a new tool, Subversion Tutorial

Brian Fitzpatrick started his career at Google in 2005 as the first software engineer hired in the Chicago office. Brian leads Google's Chicago engineering efforts and also serves as engineering manager for Google Code and internal advisor for Google's open source efforts. Prior to joining Google, Brian was a senior software engineer on the version control team at CollabNet, working on Subversion, cvs2svn, and CVS. He has also worked at Apple Computer as a senior engineer in their professional services division, developing both client and web applications for Apple's largest corporate customers. Brian has been an active open source contributor for over ten years. He became a core Subversion developer in 2000, and then the lead developer of the cvs2svn utility. He was nominated as a member of the Apache Software Foundation in 2002 and spent two years as the ASF's VP of Public Relations. Brian has written numerous articles and given many presentations on a wide variety of subjects from version control to software development, including co-writing "Version Control with Subversion" as well as chapters for "Unix in a Nutshell" and "Linux in a Nutshell." Personal information can be found at http://www.red-bean.com/fitz/

Neal Ford

Sessions: Clean Up Your Code: 10 Java Coding Tricks, Techniques, and Philosophy, Power Regular Expressions, Ruby for Java Developers

Neal Ford is an Application Architect for ThoughtWorks. He is an architect, designer, and developer of applications, instructional materials, magazine articles, and video/DVD presentations. Neal is also the author of Developing with Delphi: Object-Oriented Techniques (Prentice Hall PTR, 1996), JBuilder 3 Unleashed (SAMS Publishing, 1999), and Art of Java Web Development (Manning, 2003). His language proficiencies include Java, C#/.NET, Ruby, Object Pascal, C++, and C. Neal’s primary consulting focus is the design and construction of large-scale enterprise applications. He is also an internationally acclaimed speaker, having spoken at over 40 developers’ conferences worldwide.

Paul Fremantle

Paul Fremantle

Session: Apache Synapse and the Open Service Bus

Paul Fremantle is VP of Technical Sales at WSO2, where he works on Open Source projects in Apache, including the Apache Synapse and Incubator projects. He has contributed to Apache since the first Apache SOAP project. While at IBM, he was instrumental in starting up the Apache WSIF, and Apache Woden projects, as well as being heavily involved in the AxisC/C++ initiative, where he led IBM's involvement. Paul was a Senior Technical Staff Member in IBM, where he was the lead architect and co-creator of IBM's Web Services Gateway. Paul is the co-chair of the OASIS WS-RX technical committee and lead the JSR110 committee (JWSDL). Before joining IBM, Paul worked as a consultant in the pharmaceutical industry. Publications include co-authoring "Building Web Services in Java, 2nd Edition", articles on Web Services and SOA, and a redbook - "The XML Files: Using XML and XSL in WebSphere". Paul has presented at ApacheCon, Colorado Software Summit, XML Europe, Software Architecture and other industry conferences. Paul has an M.A. in Mathematics and Philosophy and an M.Sc in Computation from Oxford University.

Jeff Genender

Jeff Genender

Session: Apache Geronimo for Developers

Jeff is the CTO of Savoir Technologies, Inc, an Apache Geronimo and SOA consulting company. Jeff is an Apache Member, an active committer and Project Management Committee (PMC) member for Apache Geronimo, a committer on OpenEJB, ServiceMix, and Mojo (Maven plugins). He is the author of Enterprise Java Servlets (Addison Wesley Longman, 2001), the co-author of Professional Apache Geronimo (2006, Wiley) and Professional Tomcat (2007, Wiley). Jeff also serves as a member of the Java Community Process (JCP) expert group for JSR-244 (Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5 (Java EE 5) Specification) as a representative of the Apache Software Foundation. Jeff is an open source evangelist and has successfully brought open source development efforts, initiatives, and success stories into a number of Global 2000 companies, saving these organizations millions in licensing costs.

Will Glass-Husain

Will Glass-Husain (wglass at forio dot com)

Session: Business Tips for the Open Source Consultant

Will Glass-Husain is Chief Software Architect of Forio Business Simulations, a small startup located in San Francisco offering products and consulting services to customers around the world. Will has been programming since he was 10 and in one business or another since he was 14. He's a committer on the Jakarta Velocity project and user / bug reporter for many other open source projects.

Philip Gollucci

Philip Gollucci (pgollucci at apache dot org)

Session: Practical mod_perl

Philip M. Gollucci works on mod_perl, Apache-Test, and mod_perl_docs and frequently contributes to libapreq. As of November 2005, he joined TicketMaster as a Sr. Software Engineer. In his free time, he works for his Consulting Firm, P6M7G8 Consutling, using FAMP(FreeBSD) stacks to design custom sites for clients.

Hans Granqvist

Hans Granqvist

Session: Pragmatic XML Security

Hans Granqvist is a member of VeriSign's Advanced Research group and represents VeriSign in standards relating to Web Services and security. He also heads up several internal VeriSign projects to analyze and improve code security and quality. Hans implemented an XML security toolkit, TSIK, and leads the Apache TSIK incubation effort. He has previosuly spoken at JavaOne and SD Expo. In his spare time, he writes feature movies. He hangs out at commented.org.

Richard S. Hall

Richard S. Hall

Sessions: Java Modularity Support in OSGi R4, The Future of Open-Source OSGi

Richard S. Hall is a researcher in the software engineering group of the software systems and network research laboratory of Grenoble University in France. He is also an invited research member of the OSGi Alliance. His research focuses on component and service orientation and mechanisms to dynamically assemble applications at runtime. Other research interests include software deployment, which was the focus of his Ph.D. thesis. He received his Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

BJ Hargrave

Sessions: Declarative Services in OSGi R4, The Future of Open-Source OSGi

BJ Hargrave has over 19 years of experience as an IBM software architect and developer. His focus is small computer operating systems (kernels, file systems, development tools, application binary interface specifications) and Java technology. He holds multiple patents for JVM performance improvements and is the IBM expert and lead architect for OSGi technologies. BJ holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Miami. BJ has been a leader in the development of the OSGi technology since its inception and was named an OSGi Fellow during the 1st OSGi World Congress for his technical contributions and leadership. He is currently CTO of the OSGi Alliance and chair of the OSGi Core Platform Expert Group.

Ted Husted

Ted Husted

Session: Struts 2006: An Embarrassment of Riches

Ted Husted is a member of the Apache iBATIS, Struts, and MyFaces teams. His speciality is building agile web applications with open source products for Java or .NET, and helping others do the same. Ted's books include JUnit in Action, Struts in Action, and Professional JSP Site Design. He has consulted with teams throughout the United States, including CitiGroup, Nationwide Insurance, and Pepsi Bottling Group. Ted is currently working with the Oklahoma State Department of Environmental Services to improve their permitting system. His Pieces of Me site is an anthology of Ted's postings to public mailing lists.

Grant Ingersoll

Session: Advanced Lucene

Grant Ingersoll is a committer on the Lucene Java , Solr and Mahout projects and a member of the Lucene PMC. He has been developing commercial and research systems in Java for 11 years, many of which leverage Apache projects. Grant has used Lucene and Solr for implementing many different search and text-based application, including cross-language information retrieval (CLIR) systems, question answering (QA), sentiment analysis, collection analysis and customization applications. Grant is also a co-creator of the Apache Mahout project.

Deepal Jayasinghe

Deepal Jayasinghe

Session: Accelerating Web Services Development with Axis2

Deepal is a senior software engineer at WSO2 Inc., an open source technology company creating middleware platforms for Web services. Deepal is currently working on the architecture and development of Apache Axis2 and Apache Synapse Web services projects. He is a Apache Memmber , Web service PMC member and Apache committer. Deepal's expertise is mainly in distributed computing, fault tolerance systems and Web service related technologies. He is an associate member of IESL

David Johnson

David Johnson

Session: Roller: An Open Source Blogging Platform

Dave Johnson is a North Carolina based software developer who has worked in a variety of software companies including Rogue Wave, HAHT Software and SAS Institute. Unable to satisfy his urge to create cool software at work, Dave worked nights and weekends to create the open source, Java-based Roller blog server. Dave now works on Roller and related software full-time as a Social Software architect in the App Platform team at Sun Microsystems. Dave is the author of Manning Publications book RSS and Atom In Action (2006).

Alex Karasulu

Alex Karasulu (akarasulu at apache dot org)

Session: Embedding Apache Directory Server into Applications

Alex Karasulu is proud to be an Apache Member. He founded the Apache Directory Project and is presently the V.P. and PMC Chair for Directory. Alex is a committer and/or PMC member on several projects: directory, jarkarta, excalibur, incubator, prc, maven, felix and wicket. He is also an incubator mentor for felix and wicket.

Jaron Lanier

Jaron Lanier

Session: Keynote by Jaron Lanier

Jaron Lanier is a computer scientist, composer, visual artist, and author.

Lanier's name is often associated with Virtual Reality research. Indeed, he did coin the term ‘Virtual Reality’ and in the early 1980s founded VPL Research, the first company to sell VR products. In the late 1980s he lead the team that developed the first implementations of multi-person virtual worlds using head mounted displays, for both local and wide area networks, as well as the first "avatars", or representations of users within such systems. While at VPL, he co-developed the first implementations of virtual reality applications in surgical simulation, vehicle interior prototyping, virtual sets for television production, and assorted other areas. He led the team that developed the first widely used software platform architecture for immersive virtual reality applications. Sun Microsystems acquired VPL’s seminal portfolio of patents related to Virtual Reality and networked 3D graphics in 1999.

Since then, he has collaborated broadly with researchers in machine vision, computational neuroscience, cell biology modeling, and other disciplines defining the border between human cognition and the rest of the world. One major recent investigation, into what he has dubbed “Phenotropics”, concerns rejecting traditional protocol-based approaches in favor of statistical and pattern-recognition techniques to bind software components together in order to improve large scale reliability. A non-technical introduction to this work is found in the chapter he contributed to the 2002 book “The Next Fifty Years; Science in the Twenty First Century,” edited by John Brockman.

Trustin Lee

Trustin Lee (trustin at gmail dot com)

Session: Introduction to MINA

Trustin Lee is a member of the Apache Software Foundation, a PMC (Project Management Committee) chair, committer, and the founder of the Apache MINA project, who is involved in various open source projects. He has been developing high-performance network applications including a massive SMS gateway, a lightweight ESB, ApacheDS LDAP server, and a RPC server in Java for more than 4 years.

Jonathan Lehr

Jonathan Lehr

Session: Struts on Steroids: Leveraging Bolt-On Components

Jonathan has been developing software and evangelizing his favorite IT technologies for more than twenty years. He is the founder of About Objects, Inc., a software training and consulting firm in Northern Virginia with clients in the Fortune 500 and the Federal Government, and is also the founder of the StrutsLive open source project. Over the past five years he has served as a lead architect on several mission-critical J2EE software projects, working with development teams that ranged in size from five to one hundred fifty. He is the author of Struts Live (SourceBeat), and a co-author of Jakarta Pitfalls and Mastering JavaServer Faces (Wiley).

Rasmus Lerdorf

Rasmus Lerdorf

Session: Large-Scale PHP

Rasmus Lerdorf is known for having gotten the PHP project off the ground in 1995, the mod_info Apache module and he can be blamed for the ANSI92 SQL-defying LIMIT clause in mSQL 1.x which has now, at least conceptually, crept into both MySQL and PostgreSQL. Prior to joining Yahoo! as an infrastructure engineer in 2002, he was at a string of companies including Linuxcare, IBM, and Bell Canada working on Internet technologies.

Ted Leung

Ted Leung (info at sauria dot com)

Session: XML at the ASF: The XML, WS, and Cocoon Projects

Ted Leung is an engineering manager at the Open Source Applications Foundation, where he is working on the Chandler Project. He is the author of "Professional XML Development with Apache Tools". Ted was the technical lead for the IBM XML4J parser which served as the initial code base for the Java version of xml.apache.org's Xerces parser. He is a member of the Apache Software Foundation, co-maintainer of the PlanetApache group blog, and a pyblosxom developer. During his career, Ted has also worked on handheld computing, compound document architectures, and object-oriented databases. You can read his weblog to keep up with his latest adventures

Patrick Lightbody (plightbo at gmail dot com)

Session: Struts 2006: An Embarrassment of Riches

Patrick Lightbody is the founder of Autoriginate,the provider of cutting edge solutions for software QA. Previously Patrick has was the manager of the professional services organization at Jive Software, as well as an engineer for various silicon valley companies of all size. Patrick also leads the open source organizations OpenSymphony and OpenQA. He actively developers WebWork and is the creator of OSWorkflow.

Christophe Lombart

Session: Content and Document Management Ecosystem

Christophe is a senior developer and committer for the Jackrabbit project. He is also working for Sword Group which is an european IT company providing services for ECM, portal and BI applications.

Geir Magnusson Jr.

Session: Apache Harmony

Geir Magnusson Jr. is a software engineer at Joost, working on the advertising platform and monetization systems. Prior to that, he worked on middleware and java strategy at Intel, open source java strategy in the areas of J2EE and J2SE for IBM, and was the VP of Products and Strategy for Gluecode, Inc prior to it's acquisition by IBM. Geir is a proud member of the Apache Software Foundation and currently represents the ASF on the JCP's Executive Committee. A past director and PMC chair, he is an active contributor to several Apache projects and activities, and is very interested in helping the ASF grow and continue to create great communities and software. He is interested in how open source will continue to change how organizations and individuals collaborate, and how independent projects and communities can be brought together to solve larger technical problems, for which Apache Geronimo and Apache Harmony are examples. His current focus at Apache is the Apache Harmony project (in incubation).

Jeff McAffer

Session: The Future of Open-Source OSGi

Jeff McAffer leads the Eclipse Equinox OSGi, RCP and Orbit teams and is a Senior Technical Staff Member with IBM Rational. He is one of the architects of the Eclipse Platform and a co-author of The Eclipse Rich Client Platform (Addison-Wesley). He is a member of the Eclipse Project PMC, the Tools project PMC and the Eclipse Foundation Board of Directors. Jeff is currently interested all aspects of Eclipse componentry from developing and building bundles to deploying, installing and ultimately running them. Previous lives included work in distributed/parallel OO computing (Server Smalltalk, massively parallel Smalltalk, etc) as well as expert systems, meta-level architectures and a PhD at the University of Tokyo.

Brian McCallister

Brian McCallister

Sessions: Cheap, Fast, and Good: You can have it all with Ruby on Rails, Introduction to Rules Engines using Drools, Managing Open Source: Getting the Most from an Investment

Brian McCallister is a programmery kind of person who loves that folks are willing to pay him to write code. He works as a Software Architect at Ning, a platform for building your own social websites. Brian has worked variously as a programmer, technical writer, and systems administrator for over a decade on projects ranging from telecommunications GIS systems to loom (weaving) control software, and as an English teacher and canoing guide to boot. He is proud to be a Member of the Apache Software Foundation, and serves as the Chair of the Apache ActiveMQ Project.

Craig McClanahan

Craig McClanahan

Session: Shale: The Next Struts?

Craig McClanhan is a Senior Staff Engineer at Sun Microsystems. His current responsibilities include being the architect for Sun Java Studio Creator, an IDE focused on easy development of web applications using JavaServer Faces. He is also the original founder of the Struts Framework project, and has been involved in other Apache projects as well (such as Tomcat and Jakarta Commons).

Kiran Mendonce

Session: Secure Web Gateway with mod_security and mod_proxy

Kiran Mendonce Currently working for Hewlett-Packard, Bangalore, India. Involved in supporting Apache and other products on HP-UX.

Aaron Mulder

Aaron Mulder (ammulder at apache dot org)

Session: J2EE Development with Apache Geronimo

Aaron Mulder is the Chief Technical Officer of Chariot Solutions where he helps companies with their Java, J2EE, Rails, and Open Source architecture challenges. When not consulting, you can usually find him presenting at conferences and user groups, wrangling with JCP spec committees, working on his latest book, or hacking away at Apache Geronimo, ActiveMQ, ServiceMix, XBean, or OpenEJB. Along the way, he has contributed to many other projects including JBoss and PostgreSQL.

Gerald Müllan

Gerald Müllan (gmuellan at apache dot org)

Session: AJAX in Apache MyFaces

Gerald Müllan is a web-engineer who lives in Vienna (Austria). He has studied computer science at the fh-campuswien and is currently working on intregrating AJAX into JSF web applications and into the Apache MyFaces project, where he is a PMC member. Gerald has profound programming experience in developing applications, especially in the J2EE area. In the last years he shifted his emphasis towards developing web-applications with the JavaServer Faces technology. He is co-author of the german book JSF@Work and leads trainings about MyFaces and Apache Trinidad for his employer, the austrian company IRIAN.

Brad Nicholes

Brad Nicholes

Session: New Modular Authentication Architecture in Apache 2.2

Brad Nicholes is a member of the Apache Software Foundation and is currently working as a Senior Software Engineer for Novell, Inc. He has been a committer on the HTTPD and APR projects since 2000 primarily working in the areas of authentication and authorization as well as porting, maintaining and supporting the Apache HTTPD server on the NetWare platform. He is also a contributor or maintainer of various other Open Source projects such as the OMC-Project, Ganglia Project and mod_eDir. Brad attended school at the University of Utah and Brigham Young University and holds a degree in Computer Science.

Michael Parker

Michael Parker

Sessions: Extending Apache SpamAssassin using Plugins, Storing SpamAssassin User Data in SQL Databases

Michael Parker is a SpamAssassin developer and member of the SpamAssassin PMC. He has been involved, mostly as a lurker, in open source projects for the last 10 years. His primary SpamAssassin focus is on backend processes and modules with a slant towards SQL database interfaces. He has lived all of his life in Texas and currently lives outside of Austin with his wife Denise and son Ryan.

Simon Phipps

Simon Phipps (webmink at sun dot com)

Session: The Zen of Free: Deriving a General Model for Open Source

Simon Phipps is the Chief Open Source Officer at Sun Microsystems, co-ordinating Sun's extensive participation in free and open source software communities and actively participating in the global conversation they express. Prior to this appointment he co-founded Sun’s pioneering staff weblog facility at blogs.sun.com, based on Roller.

A computer industry insider of 20+ years standing, Simon has worked in such hands-on roles as field engineer, programmer and systems analyst as well as being involved at a strategic level in some of the world’s leading computer companies. Fascinated by the idea of ‘action at a distance’, he worked with OSI standards in the eighties, on the first commercial collaborative conferencing software in the nineties, and helped introduce both Java and XML at IBM. He joined Sun in mid-2000.

He takes an active interest in multiple free/open source software projects and is on the Advisory Board of GNOME and the China Open Source Promotion Union. He holds a degree in electronic engineering and is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the British Computer Society where he is on the committee of his local branch.

Simon lives in the UK with his family but is based in Silicon Valley in the US. With membership of airline frequent flyer clubs thus taken care of, he is free to indulge in his favourite pastimes of reading, writing poetry, collecting music, taking photographs and playing with cool toys. His personal home page and blog is http://www.webmink.net and Sun's Open Source home page is at http://www.sun.com/opensource. He can be reached via e-mail as webmink@sun.com

Eric Pugh (epugh at opensourceconnections dot com)

Session: Building Projects with Maven

Fascinated by the “craft” of software development, Eric Pugh has been heavily involved in the open source world as a developer, committer, and user for the past 5 years. He is a member of the Apache Software Foundation and a committer on many projects including DBUnit, Maven, and Jakarta Commons. In biotech, financial services and defense IT, he has helped European and American companies develop coherent strategies for embracing open source software. As a speaker at conferences including ApacheCon and OSCON, he has emphasized the advantages of Agile practices in software development.

Paul Querna

Paul Querna

Session: What's new in Apache HTTP Server 2.2

Paul Querna is an APR and HTTPD developer. He currently works on Bloglines.com for Ask Jeeves.

Daniel Quinlan

Daniel Quinlan

Session: SpamAssassin Tutorial

Daniel Quinlan works as Anti-Spam Architect at IronPort Systems, an email security provider in San Bruno, CA. He is a SpamAssassin developer and a V.P. of the Apache Software Foundation. In addition to working on anti-spam stuff, he is founder and chairperson of the Free Standards Group. Daniel lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, enjoys rock climbing, and is trying to figure out how to not lose at Texas Hold'em.

Gianugo Rabellino

Gianugo Rabellino

Sessions: Slicing and dicing REST with Apache Cocoon, Taming Apache Cocoon, Your Open Source Strategy Sucks!

Gianugo Rabellino is Chief Executive Officer of Sourcesense, Europe's leading Open Source systems integrator. He has been at the forefront of the Open Source movement in Europe, founding the first official Italian Linux organization in 1994, and launching Orixo, the consortium of European Open Source companies. A Member of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), Rabellino serves as Vice President of the Apache XML Project Management Committee, is a committer on several ASF projects including Cocoon, Xindice, and Jackrabbit, as well as mentor of the River project currently in development at the ASF Incubator. His highly charismatic presentations on topics such as Enterprise Open Source adoption, next-generation opportunities in Open Source, and building Open Development communities draws enthusiastic audiences at all levels at industry-leading events including JavaOne, Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise, and ApacheCon.

Michael Radwin

Michael Radwin

Sessions: HTTP Caching and Cache-busting for Content Publishers, Hacking Apache HTTP Server at Yahoo!

Michael J. Radwin is an engineering manager at Yahoo! Inc. His team develops and supports core web infrastructure such as Apache, MySQL, and PHP and more recently SOAP/REST toolkits. Radwin has been hacking on Apache since 1998 in high-performance environments and has a particular affinity for HTTP Cookies.

Ajith Ranabahu

Ajith Ranabahu

Session: Web Service Client Programming Models Using Axis2

Ajith is one of the major committers for the Apcahe Axis2 project and has been working on Web service based projects for the past 4 years. His technical expertise is majorly in Web services and XML processing technologies. Ajith started his open source activities as one of the core developers for Apache Axis2 while he was at Lanka Software Foundation and now works for WSO2 (http://www..wso2.com) sharing his time between Axis, synapse and other opensource projects.

Enrique Rodriguez

Sessions: Secure Single-Sign-On with Apache Directory and Apache Kerberos, The Future of Open-Source OSGi

Enrique Rodriguez is a Project Management Committee (PMC) member and a committer on the Apache Directory project. Enrique originally joined the Apache Directory project as the lead developer of the Kerberos protocol provider plug-in and continues to focus on the protocol provider implementations and integration with the OSGi Service Platform. Enrique was formerly a Systems Architect contracting for Microsoft Consulting Services, the Director of Implementation and Principal Product Architect for a dot-com, and the Director of Global Systems for Liberty Mutual Insurance. His recreation and work experiences have taken him to 47 U.S. states and to over 100 other locations across six continents. Enrique earned a degree in Electrical Engineering and minored in the Biology of Behavior at Rensselaer (RPI). Enrique is an avid mountaineer and has climbed the highest mountains in North America (Mt. McKinley, United States), South America (Aconcagua, Argentina), Europe (Elbrus, Russian Federation), and Africa (Kilimanjaro, Tanzania). Between climbing expeditions, Enrique competes for Team Mercury Multisport in triathlons and marathons.

Wilfredo Sanchez

Wilfredo Sanchez (wsanchez at apache dot org)

Session: ApacheCon Lightning Lottery Talks and a Movie

Wilfredo Sánchez is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, after which he co-founded an Internet publishing company, Agora Technology Group, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He then worked on enabling electronic commerce and dynamic applications via the world wide web at Disney Online in North Hollywood, California. Wilfredo is presently a senior software engineer at Apple in Cupertino, California. He was worked on the BSD subsystem in Mac OS X as a member of the Core Operating System group, and as open source engineering lead at Apple. He later became part of the team that built and launched the iTunes Music Store, and is presently the technical lead for iCal Server, which the calendaring solution in Mac OS X Server, and is available as open source at http://www.calendarserver.org/. Wilfredo is a member of the Apache Software Foundation, and a contributor to various open source projects.

Olav Sandstaa

Session: Performance Analysis of Apache Derby

Olav Sandstå is senior staff engineer in the Database Technology Group at Sun Microsystems. For the last six years he has been working on the internals of high-availability database management systems with focus on high performance. Today he is working as a Apache Derby developer. Prior to joining Sun he worked on the Clustra DBMS. He has a PhD in storage systems for digital video from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Theo Schlossnagle

Theo Schlossnagle (jesus at omniti dot com)

Sessions: Clustered logging with mod_log_spread, Scalable Internet Architectures

Theo Schlossnagle is a Principal Consultant at OmniTI Computer Consulting where he designs and implements scalable solutions for highly trafficked sites and other clients in need of sound, scalable architectural engineering. He is author of Scalable Internet Architecture published by Sams. Theo is the author and maintainer of the mod_backhand load-balancing module for Apache, an author and maintainer of the Backhand Project and an active participant in a plethora of open source projects.

Cliff Schmidt

Cliff Schmidt (cliffs at apache dot org)

Sessions: Behind the Scenes of the Apache Software Foundation (Part 1), Behind the Scenes of the Apache Software Foundation (Part 2), Deep Comprehension of XPath and XSLT

Cliff has served as Apache's Vice President for Legal Affairs since 2005 and has provided licensing and legal policy assistance to other leading open source organizations, such as the Eclipse Foundation, Free Software Foundation, Open Source Initiative, and ObjectWeb Consortium. He has consulted for numerous small and large software companies throughout Europe, North America, and the Middle East on intellectual property issues, privacy policies, export controls, open source business strategy, and community development. Cliff also serves on Apache's Board of Directors and on the project management committees for both Apache’s Incubator project and Eclipse’s Technology project, where he helps oversee and assist new projects to each organization.

Henning Schmiedehausen

Henning Schmiedehausen

Sessions: Apache Containers, Apache James - The Java Mail Server, Rapid application development with Maven and Turbine

Henning Schmiedehausen is a team member on a number of Apache Java projects. He works as a freelance consultant, architect and software developer using the J2EE platform and admits under torture that he can program in PHP and perl. When not sitting in front of a computer, Henning enjoys traveling with his wife around the world, sports (both active and passive) and moonlights as a 11th level barbarian at his local D&D group. He currently has the pleasure of serving as a board member and a director of the Apache Software Foundation.

Chris Shiflett

Chris Shiflett

Session: Power PHP Testing

Chris Shiflett is an internationally recognized expert in the field of PHP security and the founder and President of Brain Bulb, a PHP consultancy that offers a variety of services to clients around the world.

Chris is a leader in the PHP community, and his involvement includes being the founder of the PHP Security Consortium, the founder of PHPCommunity.org, a member of the Zend PHP Advisory Board, and an author of the Zend PHP Certification.

A prolific writer, Chris has regular columns in both PHP Magazine and php|architect. He is also the author of the HTTP Developer's Handbook (Sams) as well as the highly anticipated Essential PHP Security (O'Reilly).

Leo Simons

Leo Simons (leosimons at apache dot org)

Sessions: Inside the ASF Infrastructure Workflow, Introducing Apache Gump 3

Leo Simons is a Dutch student and software developer. He has been working on a variety of Apache projects for most of his adult life, acting as committer, mentor, Vice President, documentation author or sysadmin. Proud to be an ASF member, he is currently spending most of his time as one of the main developers of Apache Gump and in his role as member of the ASF Infrastructure Team.

Bruce Snyder

Bruce Snyder (bruce dot snyder at gmail dot com)

Session: Apache Geronimo for Developers

Bruce Snyder is a veteran of enterprise software development and a recognized leader in open source software. Bruce has experience in a wide range of technologies including Java EE, Enterprise Messaging and Service Oriented Integration. In addition to being a principal with Organic Element, Bruce is also an Apache Member, a co-founder of Apache Geronimo and a developer for Apache ActiveMQ, Apache Camel, Apache ServiceMix. Bruce serves as a member of various JCP expert groups, is the co-author of Professional Apache Geronimo, Beginning Spring Framework 2 both from Wrox Press and is currently co-authoring Apache ActiveMQ In Action for Manning Publications. Bruce lives in beautiful Boulder, Colorado with his family.

Ferdinand Soethe

Ferdinand Soethe (ferdinand at apache dot org)

Session: Single Source Publishing with Apache Forrest

Ferdinand Soethe is a Committer and PMC member of the Apache Forrest project. For more than 15 years he has been working as a software architect and consultant in various areas of PC-based computing. As a technical author he has published two books for Addison-Wesley (in German) and several articles in German and English publications. Documentation has always been an important part of his work and his favorite topic of research and experimental programming.

Davanum Srinivas

Davanum Srinivas (dims at apache dot org)

Session: State of the Web Services Union

Davanum Srinivas is currently the PMC chair of Apache Web Services and V.P of Engineering at WSO2 Inc.

David Taylor

Session: Building an Enterprise Portal with Apache Portals and Jetspeed-2

David is an open source developer and member at the Apache Software Foundation. David is a founder of the Apache Portals project and architect of the Jetspeed-2 open source enterprise portal. He is also a member of the Java Portlet API Expert Group. He owns Bluesunrise Software, dedicated to open source software solutions. URL: http://www.bluesunrise.com/

Omar Tazi (omar dot tazi at oracle dot com)

Session: ApacheCon Lightning Lottery Talks and a Movie

Omar is currently Chief Open Source Evangelist with Oracle. Prior to joining Oracle, Omar was the CEO of Orbeon where he created a successful business model based on services using Open Source Software donated by Orbeon to the community. Omar was an active member of the Java Community Process (JCP) Executive Committee where he also particpated in several JSRs. Before crossing the Atlantic, Omar has held several research and teaching positions in the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Object Oriented Programming (OOP). He holds an M.S. in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. See Omar's blog at: http://otazi.blogspot.com

Dyre Tjeldvoll (Dyre dot Tjeldvoll at sun dot com)

Session: Performance Analysis of Apache Derby

Dyre Tjeldvoll is senior engineer in the Database Technology Group at Sun Microsystems. For the last five years he has been working on the internals of a distributed high-availability database management system. He is currently working as an Apache Derby developer.

Mads Toftum

Mads Toftum

Session: Apache 2 mod_ssl by example

Mads Toftum is an independent consultant with more than eight years of experience in various ISP jobs. Previous projects include designing and developing HA www hosting in a shared unix/NT environment and more than two years building a commercial CA. In his spare time he is a committer on the httpd-docs project, developing payment software and actively helping users in #apache (freenode) and on the mod-ssl mailing list.

Adam Trachtenberg

Adam Trachtenberg

Session: Consuming Web Services Using PHP 5

Adam Trachtenberg is the Manager of Technical Evangelism at eBay, where he preaches the gospel of the eBay platform to developers and businessmen around the globe. Before eBay, Adam co-founded and served as Vice President for Development at two companies, Student.Com and TVGrid.Com. At both firms, he led the front- and middle-end web site design and development. Adam began using PHP in 1997, and is the author of "Upgrading to PHP 5" and coauthor of "PHP Cookbook," both published by O'Reilly Media. He lives in San Francisco, and has a B.A. and M.B.A. from Columbia University.

Gregory Trubetskoy

Gregory Trubetskoy

Session: Introduction to Mod_Python

Gregory "Grisha" Trubetskoy is the original author of mod_python and a member of the Apache Software Foundation. Born and raised in Moscow, Russia, he now lives in Vienna, Virginia, where he balances his time between developing software, watching after the kids and his latest endeavor - a hosting startup openhosting.com.

Jason Van Zyl

Session: The Future of Open-Source OSGi

Jason the founder of the Apache Maven project, the Plexus component framework at Codehaus, the Velocity project at Jakarta, and currently serves as Chair of Apache Maven PMC. Jason is an Open Source fanatic, has been involved with Apache for over six years, helped to found the Codehaus Foundation and when he isn't awake working on Open Source projects, he's asleep dreaming about them.

Wen Wang

Session: Open Forum with Dr. Wenn-Hann Wang - Open Source Development - A Platform Perspective

Dr. Wen-Hann Wang is General Manager of Managed Run Time Division of Intel Software and Solution Group (SSG). He joined Intel in 1991 as P6 (PentiumPro) Platform Architect where he made significant contributions to the highly successful P6 product family. In addition, Wen-Hann's platform architecture and analysis work was instrumental in the creation of the Xeon server product line. After the well-received P6 product launch in 1995, Wen-Hann served as Platform Infrastructure Research Manager of the newly formed Intel Microprocessor Research Lab (MRL). In late 1998 Wen-Hann became Director of Emerging Platforms Lab, delivering cutting-edge technologies and reference platforms for Intel product groups. Wen-Hann relocated to Shanghai June 2000, for three years, to head up theTechnology Development Division of SSG, developing software technologies and reference designs to accelerate emerging market growth. Prior to joining Intel, Wen-Hann was a Research Staff Member at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center.

Wen-Hann was a winner of the first Intel Microprocessor Innovators Day invention contest in 1993 and received the Award of Innovation. Wen-Hann was granted 13 patents and received the first Influential Paper Award at 2003 IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Computer Architectures. He also won the Best Paper Award at the ACM SIGMETRICS conference in 1991 for his seminal work on computer architecture simulation methodology.

Wen-Hann is an active participant in professional activities. He was Program Chair of 1999 IEEE Computer Elements Mesa Workshop and Co-General Chair in 2000. He served on the Program Committee of International Symposium on High Performance Computer Architectures in 1998, 2000, 2001 and was a Special Issue Guest Editor for the International Journal on Computer Simulations. Wen-Hann was awarded Certificate of Appreciation from IEEE Computer Society in 1999 and 2000.

Wen-Hann has worked and studied in three continents. He received his BSEE from the National Taiwan University, his MSEE from the Philips International Institute of Technological Studies, in the Netherlands, and his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Washington in the United States.

Michael Wechner

Michael Wechner

Session: Lenya and Jackrabbit Make a Fine Couple

Michael Wechner is co-founder of Wyona and the original creator of Lenya, a CMS based on Cocoon. Before entering the world of open source software he studied mathematical physics at ETH and was doing three years of basic research on computer simulations of dendritic growth. He co-founded OSCOM and also spends a lot of time with other Open Source Content Management Systems.

Christian Wenz

Christian Wenz

Sessions: New (and old) Trends in Web Application Security, PHP Web Services

Christian Wenz is author, trainer and consultant with focus on web programming. He is author or co-author of over four dozen books, among them several titles on PHP, most recently the PHP Phrasebook and JavaScript Phrasebook (both Sams Publishing). Christian regularly writes for renowned IT magazines and speaks at developer conferences around the globe. He maintains or co-maintains several PEAR packages and is co-author of the PHP 5 Zend certification and founding principial at the PHP Security Consortium.

Matthias Wessendorf

Matthias Wessendorf

Session: Apache MyFaces - Open Source JavaServer Faces

Matthias Wessendorf is a software developer at Oracle. He currently works on ADF Faces, which is an AJAX-based JSF component suite. Matthias also contributes to the OpenSource community, mainly Apache MyFaces and Apache Trinidad. Before joining Oracle, he worked as a CMS-Developer at Pironet, where he was building a next-generation CMS, using UI technologies like XUL and AJAX.

Geoffrey Young

Geoffrey Young

Session: Power PHP Testing

Geoffrey Young is a member of the Apache Software Foundation, current chair of the mod_perl PMC, and lead author of the mod_perl Developer's Cookbook. He currently is a Senior Software Engineer for Ticketmaster. When not programming or writing he is busy spending time with his wife and growing family, slowly rebuilding their house a room at a time.

Carsten Ziegeler

Carsten Ziegeler (cziegeler at apache dot org)

Sessions: (A) Maven is Your Friend, Cocoon - One Hour Portal, Portals@Apache: Standards and the Portals Projects

Carsten Ziegeler is senior developer for JEE and portal applications at Day Software. He is a member of the Apache Software Foundation and is participating in several open source projects for more than ten years. Carsten is a member of the Cocoon and the Portals PMC and is playing a major role in the development of the Apache Cocoon project.

Andrei Zmievski

Session: PHP and Unicode: A Love at Fifth Sight

Andrei Zmievski works on internal tools at Yahoo! Inc. specializing in i18n and infrastructure software, such as PHP and Apache. He is also a core PHP developer, leader of the PHP-GTK project, and a co-author of "PHP Developer's Cookbook" and Smarty templating system. His current focus is the native Unicode support in PHP. In his free time he studies languages and linguistics, goes sailing, and travels to other countries.

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