Video Streaming

If you can't make it to Oakland, don't miss the FREE live video streams. On Wednesday, the Apache Hadoop track will be streamed live. On Thursday, it's httpd.conf, the track for Apache HTTPD administrators and users. And on Friday, check out the Apache Lucene track. You'll also be able to watch the Apache Pioneer's Panel, and keynote presentations by Kirrily Robert and Brian Behlendorf.

And, if you missed the LIVE stream, or you just want to watch some sessions again, you'll be able to access them through the archives approx one week after the conference ends.

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Session Schedule (all times are in UTC)

Wednesday, 04 November 2009: Hadoop Track

17:00 Opening Plenary & State of the Feather
William A. Rowe, Jr. & Jim Jagielski

17:30 Apache Pioneer's Panel
Moderated by Brian Behlendorf

19:00 Introduction to Apache Hadoop
Owen O'Malley

19:30 2009 State of the Elephant
Christophe Bisciglia

21:30 Becoming a Pig Developer
Alan Gates

22:30 Apache Hadoop in the Cloud
Tom White

00:00 Practical HBase
Michael Stack

01:00 Apache Hive: SQL and Data warehousing on Apache Hadoop
Ashish Thusoo

Thursday, 05 November 2009: HTTP Track

17:00 Munging URLs with mod_rewrite
Rich Bowen

18:00 Hardening Enterprise Apache Installations Against Attacks
Sander Temme

19:30 Keynote: Standing Out in the Crowd
Kirrily Robert

22:00 Scalable Internet Architectures
Theo Schlossnagle

00:30 Recent Developments in SSL and Browsers
Rick Andrews

01:30 Lightning Talks!

Friday, 06 November 2009: Lucene Track

17:00 Implementing an Information Retrieval Framework for an
Organizational Repository, Sithu D Sudarsan

18:00 Apache Mahout - Going from raw data to information
Isabel Drost

19:15 MIME Magic with Apache Tika
Jukka Zitting

20:15 Keynote: How Open Source Developers Can (Still!) Save The World
Brian Behlendorf

22:00 Building Intelligent Search Applications with the Lucene
Ecosystem, Ted Dunning

23:00 Realtime Search
Jason Rutherglen

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