ApacheCon US 2004
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
13-17 November 2004

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ApacheCon US 2004

Alexis Park Resort
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

13-17 November 2004

ApacheCon Europe 2005

Thanks to all the people who made ApacheCon 2004 a big success. Come and see us at ApacheCon Europe 2005, July 18-22, in Stuttgart, Germany.

Free Video Streams of Keynote Sessions

ApacheCon Keynote speakers represent the sharpest and polemical minds in the community, including Miguel de Icaza, Wil Wheaton, Tim Cramer, Doc Searls, and Andrew Tucker. Watch the keynote sessions for free at apachecon.lpbn.org.

Press Release

ApacheCon 2004 Convenes; Leading Open Source Technology Forum Features Tutorials, Sessions, BOFs, and Keynotes From BEA, IBM, Novell, Sun Microsystems, and More

LAS VEGAS, NV -- 11/16/2004 -- ApacheCon, the official conference of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), announces the kickoff of ApacheCon 2004, being held November 15-17, 2004 at the Alexis Park Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Forward-thinking Open Source users, developers, programmers, system administrators, and information architects head to ApacheCon to master new technologies, expand their knowledge and share problem-solving skills with peers from across the globe. Offering a wide range of beginner, intermediate and advanced sessions, ApacheCon attendees have nearly 100 sessions to choose from this year, an increase from 60 last year, to learn firsthand the latest developments in Apache, including HTTPd, the world's most popular Web server software for nine consecutive years.

"ApacheCon continues to educate and inspire with the latest advancements in Open Source technology," said ApacheCon 2004 Chairman and ASF Member Ken Coar. "We are proud to be the community entrusted to share our collective knowledge to meet the growing demand of developing dynamic, enterprise-grade Open Source solutions."

Respected Industry Leadership

For the third consecutive year, half-day pre-conference tutorials offer real world insight, techniques, and methodologies pivotal to the increasing demand for Open Source software. Selling out early, the tutorials' popularity is testament to both the presenters -- trusted leaders in Open Source that include Rich Bowen, Erik Hatcher, Daniel Quinlan, Chris Shiflett, and Sander Striker; as well as the topics covered -- from the core basics to in-demand technologies including Scalable Internet architectures, XML, SpamAssassin, Lucene, Cocoon, Struts, Subversion, and PHP.

The Apache Software Foundation's approach to software development is the backbone to the conference, enabling participants to hone their skills, learn shortcuts, solve programming challenges and discover the latest innovations in key Open Source projects including Geronimo, Tomcat, Ant, PHP, mod_perl, SpamAssassin, Struts, Lucene, Velocity, XMLBeans, HTTP Server, and more. This year, ApacheCon includes insight on how new projects successfully build their own collaborative communities, such as Beehive, the easy-to-use oriented J2EE application development framework, and Derby, is based on IBM's Cloudscape database technology -- both projects in incubation at the Apache Software Foundation.

The Rattle of Dice, Swish of Cards, and Coding Begin!

Among the biggest draws to ApacheCon are its keynote speakers, who represent the sharpest and polemical minds in the community. The conference-opening keynote by Wil Wheaton on the Re-Enfranchisement of the Masses was met with enthusiastic assent from the audience. On Tuesday, GNOME Foundation founder, Free Software Foundation board member, Ximian CTO and all-around man of many hats, Miguel de Icaza predicts the future trends of application software development, desktops, open source software, ASP.NET, WebServices, Mono and Apache technology. The last day of the conference will explore "The Modularity Movement: Open Source in a Maturing Market" by returning keynote speaker, Linux Journal senior editor, and Cluetrain Manifesto co-author Doc Searls. Webcasts of the keynotes are available live as well as on demand courtesy of LPBN, the Linux Public Broadcasting Network.

With plenty of room for networking and peer discussions, attendees can meet ASF Members and participants during the ApacheCon Expo, evening events, Birds Of a Feather sessions and a number of informal social gatherings.

On Monday evening's Welcome Reception hosted by Sun Microsystems, conference participants celebrated ApacheCon alongside characters from "Star Trek: The Experience." Programmers, developers, and their guests played against Klingons, Borgs, and Ferengis for a chance to win $1,000 at the Snapbridge Blackjack table.

ApacheCon Premier sponsors include BEA Systems, Novell, the Java Community Process, and IBM, as well as Sun Microsystems, who returns again as a diamond sponsor. This year, IBM challenged programmers to test their coding skills by entering the Derby/Cloudscape contest using Apache Derby; both individual and development teams have been spotted busily hacking in the Online Lounge as well as throughout the venue, courtesy of the Wi-Fi network. Other sponsors and exhibitors include Apress, Breakpoint Books, Britestream Networks, CRYPTOCard, Covalent, cPanel, Gluecode Software, and Snapbridge Software. Vendor presentations include Garrett Conaty on Beehive, Tim Cramer on NetBeans.org, Peter Iannaralli on the first browser-integrated two-factor authentication for Apache, and Andrew Tucker on OpenSource Solaris.

Members of the press may request conference media kits by contacting the ApacheCon Press Team on +1.415.265.7204 or via email at press@apachecon.com.

For upcoming event information, please send a blank email message to <announce-subscribe@ApacheCon.Com> to be added to the ApacheCon notification list.


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