ApacheCon US 2002
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
18-21 November 2002

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ApacheCon US 2002

Alexis Park Resort
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

18-21 November 2002

Latest News

ApacheCon US 2002 is over!

The conference ended on Thursday, and by all reports it was a great success. Thanks to everyone who helped make it so!

As a reminder, don't forget about the mailing lists and the IRC channel. Discussions about and suggestions for conferences are very, very welcome on the discuss list. If you attended this or any other ApacheCons, let everyone there know what you think; if you didn't or weren't able to attend, or have suggestions about where future 'cons should be held, that's the place to discuss them.

IRC Channel Available

Reminder: There is an #apachecon channel available on the irc.openprojects.net server network. Feel free to use it to keep in touch with (other) people at the conference!

For upcoming event information, please send a blank email message to <announce-subscribe@ApacheCon.Com> to be added to the ApacheCon notification list.


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