ApacheCon US 2009 Session

Standing Out in the Crowd

How far have we come in ten years? Kirrily Robert has been working as a web developer and Internet technologist for more than a decade. In that time, the world wide web -- driven by Apache -- has become ubiquitous, and with that ubiquity has come a broadening of the market: from geeks and specialists to anyone and everyone.

But while half of all web users are women, women make up only a tiny fraction of the open source developers whose work underpins most websites. A 2006 survey showed 1.5% of developers are female, compared to 24% in IT roles across the US. Many women in open source have had the experience of being the only one on their project or at an event. Kirrily will talk about the experiences of women in open source, and present two new open source projects that have 75% or more women contributors. What can we learn from these majority-female projects, and how can it improve open source overall?