ApacheCon US 2008 Session

Groovy tutorial

Groovy is an open source dynamic language which runs on the JVM. Its goal is to retain the perspective of a Java programmer while embracing languages features from Ruby, Python and Smalltalk including closures, builders, optional dynamic typing, metaprogramming and a raft of syntactic and library level enhancements. Groovy's seamless integration with Java makes it a perfect solution for enhancing your current Java project with dynamic behavior. In this tutorial, Groovy author and key committer Dr Paul King guides you through Groovy's main language features before embarking on a cookbook tour of common programming tasks like file processing, XML procesing, SQL processing and more. Along the way we touch upon some of the fun stuff like builders, closures, metaprogramming, creating DSLs (Domain Specific Languages) and bump into a myriad of Apache technologies in the process.