ApacheCon US 2008 Session

Dependency Management With Ivy

This lecture will give you a short introduction of what "dependency management" is, what are the different approaches for a dependency management, what is the history of Ivy and last but not least, how you can benefit from using Ivy. The presentation I am about to prepare will be divided into 4 main parts. The target group of the following presentation is supposed to have little or no experience with Ivy. Although, it is a good point to have some experience with Ant and Maven, it in not a necessity. The first part is the "introductory" part. Here I will start by explaining what the build lifecycle is and what are the main problems that arise at build time, so that you can later on see how Ivy really solves these problems. Here I will talk about the concept of "dependency management", and what exactly it is. I think approximately 10 or 15 minutes would be enough. The second part provides with the knowledge details of what are the other solutions for dependency management, and what makes Ivy unique. Also what are the strong and weak sides of Ivy. Again may be 10 or 15 min will be sufficient. The last part would be the most interesting part of all - showing you the Ivy project in action. This time I will grab a certain project and resolve it's dependencies on air with Ivy, showing in real how easy it is, to work with this tool. I will try to cover all the data and knowledge that I have presented in the past two sections in practice. I leave maximum of 15 minutes for this part. As always I will leave 5 or 10 minutes for talk with the audience and questions.