ApacheCon US 2008 Session

The Struts 2 Framework

You come to work on Monday morning to learn that your company is adopting this new version of Struts. At first you are excited to learn a modern web framework but you have also heard it is quite different from Struts Classic. What does this mean for your career? What if you are no longer the person everyone calls the Struts guru? How do you quickly become the Struts 2 expert you know you can be? Luckily, you have already taken the first step by attending ApacheCon! With Struts being the most popular Java web framework in the industry today, IT shops are excited to hit the ground running with this next generation web framework. This session will provide a primer for Struts Classic developers needing a Struts 2 head start. We will compare and contrast Struts 2 to its predecessor and highlight the areas where Struts 2 breaks away from the past and blazes new trails into Ajax, validations, plug-in architecture and the interceptor architecture that allow nearly infinite flexibility. This session will transition your expert status to the new Struts before anyone realizes your confidence was ever shaken! A complete reference application will be made available to the participant in order to become effective in minutes not days.