ApacheCon US 2008 Session

Automating your OFBiz Application Testing using Selenium

Junit tests are an excellent tool for testing low level functionality in your application but at the end of the day your user interface (UI) has to work. UI testing has become even more complex with the introduction of AJAX based applications which often means you have to test the application manually. Thankfully there is a new tool for testing web based applications called Selenium. Selenium is not another browser emulator but instead runs inside the browser. This allows you to get real feedback on what your customers will see when they use your application. Selenium supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, and Safari browsers.

Topics Covered: Using Selenium IDE to record your test scripts; Creating data driven tests using Selenium XML (a Selenium RC extension); Automating your Selenium tests; Scaling your testing with Selenium Grid; Strategies for unit, application, system, and performance testing your OFBiz applications