Apache Hackathon

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What is the Apache Hackathon? The Hackathon is what you get when you mix an open space, reliable wifi, plenty of power, and a room full of Apache Committers together. Always informal and lots of fun, the Hackathon is an opportunity for Apache developers to meet in person, discuss project plans, squash bugs and hack code. Previously closed to the general public, this year the Apache community welcomes everyone to join in the codefest! Apache Hackathon is held over the two days prior to the main three-day conference, 3-4 November. Also special this year, BarCampApache will be held during the second day of the Hackathon, Tuesday, November 4th.

If you are interested and have the desire and skills to code and develop Open Source software, please consider joining us. Check on our CrowdVine site to see which projects and committers are going to be on-hand. The Hackathon will start at about 10:00 on Monday.