ApacheCon NA 2010

Andreas Lehmkuehler

Andreas Lehmkühler was born in 1970 in Dinslaken, Germany. He now lives with his beloved wife in Essen, the current european capital of culture. As many other people at his age Andreas started to work with computers in the eigthies. He self educated learned how to programm his c64 and later his amiga in different languages. During his studies in the nineties at the university of duisburg he made the first contact with open source software, like linux, gcc, cern httpd and a lot of other nice projects. At that time he also discovered his passion for java, which is still his favorite. After getting his degree as graduate engineer he worked 2 years as a research associate for the university. Now he is employed at the it department of germany's second largest energy provider. Andreas joined the PDFBox community in 2008 and became a committer at the end of 2008. After the graduation of PDFBox he was elected as PMC Chair and at his 40th birthday at the April 1st, he proudly accepted the invitation to become a member of the ASF.