ApacheCon NA 2010 Session

OSGi Training

Marcel will be co-presenting this training with a colleague from Luminis - Angelo van der Sijpt.

Decided to base your architecture on OSGi? Great, because OSGi enables you to build your systems out of bundles. Doing so requires you to master the design of services as well as the assembly and deployment of the components.

Maybe what you need is a way to hot-deploy bundles? For delivery and as a way of bootstrapping you might want to be able to create specific configurations that are easy to assemble and kick-start? Once your system is "out there" you could take things one step further by managing, discovering and provisioning remotely, allowing the user to deploy what he wants.

We will focus on building and managing OSGi installations. Running along an example application we will show you how to use Apache Felix File Install to hot deploy bundles, take advantage of Pax Runner to bootstrap configurations of bundles, deploy bundles and their dependencies with Apache Felix OBR and remotely manage, provision, and audit systems in the field with Apache ACE.

Participants will do hands-on exercises focusing on these topics, starting with the basic concepts of OSGi and giving you a lot of experience with bundles and services. Ultimately you will end up with a working tool-chain.