ApacheCon NA 2010 Session

Solr Application Development Workshop

This hands on workshop is targeted at developers who want to build applications with Solr, the Lucene search server. You will learn how to set up and use Solr to index and search, how to analyze and solve common problems, and how to use optional Solr modules such as facets, spell check, and highlighting. New material will cover Solr 1.4. The workshop covers: Principals of search application development and design, Common search use cases and their application, How to make content searchable, Basics and best practices for indexing and searching using Solr, How to integrate Solr into your solutions, Techniques to analyze and resolve common search problems, How to leverage Solr's optional modules including spell checking, highlighting, Data Import Handler, Rich document extraction and other popular capabilities, Advanced topics in designing Solr apps and running a site, Solr operations and deployment tools and strategies, How to customize and extend Solr