ApacheCon NA 2010 Session

Apache OFBiz®, Come for the E-Commerce, Stay for the ERP!

While not as widely known as other open source e-commerce software, Apache OFBiz E-Commerce has a proven track record that is hard to beat. Equally impressive and yet even less well known, is its roots as a secure, reliable and proven ERP solution. With so much to offer and so little name recognition, how better to get the word out than to capitalize on OFBiz’s reputation for E-Commerce excellence? OFBiz has so much to offer and is uniquely positioned to solve some of the most complex ERP problems. *Proposed Presentation Outline* Why OFBiz? * It is the best business deal around. No licensing or royalties (not all open source products are created equally!) * Superior technical platform. And now, with the ASF in the picture, things have gotten even better. (Managed releases and project infrastructure support etc.) * The lowest cost, highest ROI solution around. * Proven e-commerce Why ERP? * Single database many uses. * Data integrity (keeps your data in house) * ROI far exceeds ROI when implementing many discreet systems and databases. Example of successful business using OFBiz ERP (myofbiz.com) * Who we are and why should you care? myOFBiz.com is the only resource solely dedicated to bringing high quality OFBiz related documentation and training material to the public outside of the ASF. We are not a consulting service provider. (We are not affiliated with the project in any way.) * At myOFBiz.com we use OFBiz exclusively to market and sell our products. As such, we started out as an OFBiz E-Commerce implementor. As our business grows, we are turning on more and more OFBiz ERP features. For example: o Use OFBiz Content Management features to store and retrieve content o Use OFBiz User management (login and password controls) t o Many more examples as time permits Summary: You’ve heard all kinds of great things about Apache OFBiz. If you are wondering how to get started, then try taking it in stages. Start with the E-commerce and work your way up to the ERP.