ApacheCon NA 2010 Session

Quality support for open source software

Providing customer support for open source software is a common business model these days. IBM has been doing this for a number of years with its IBM HTTP Server (IHS) product, which is based on the Apache HTTP Server. IHS is bundled with IBM WebSphere Application Server and many other products, and provides the front-end for the web sites of many of IBM's enterprise customers. Our customers expect not only high quality stable software, but responsive support services. We need to be able to collect information about problems, diagnose issues, and provide fixes, and in today's economic environment, we have to work efficiently. The days of flying engineers to a customer's site to spend days working on problems are over. How can developers provide that level of support, day in and day out? Dan will discuss the issues that come up, and how his team addresses them. Some topics will include collecting diagnostic information, keeping up high quality over time, proactively fixing problems, continuous testing, and feeding fixes back to the open source project.