ApacheCon NA 2010 Session

Breaking down widget silos with a friendly Wookie

Widgets are mini applications written in HTML + Javascript. They offer cool and dynamic content that can be placed on any page on the web and, in some cases, on your desktop or your mobile device. Unfortunatley, there is not just one way to create and package widhgets. we have Google Gadgets, W3C Widgets, OpenSocial Gadgets and Wave Gadgets to name just a few. Whilst widgets are an important part of web content delivery, particularly mobile web, the plethora of available widget/gadget standards could limit innovation by creating incompatible silos. This is where Apache Wookie (Incubating) comes in. Using Wookie we can harmonize all of these widgets/gadget standards behind the W3C Widget specification, thus freeing the user from concerns about implementation details.