ApacheCon NA 2010 Session

RESTful OSGi webapps with Apache Sling

As the first web framework dedicated to JCR (the Java Content Repository, JSR-283), Apache Sling makes it very easy to create content-based RESTful web systems, using either scripting languages or java servlets. We will show a Sling-based blog built in 46 lines of code, but Sling is no toy: it is used as the foundation of large systems like the Sakai Nakamura Collaboration and Learning environment, and Day Software's family of enterprise content management products. We'll present Sling's OSGi-based architecture, and demonstrate with code excerpts how OSGi's "extreme modularity" features make Sling one of the most modern java-based web frameworks around. This talk will give you an overview of Sling from the RESTful and large webapps angle, based on real-life examples.