ApacheCon NA 2010 Session

Photark/Tuscany Integration

Photark is an open source photo gallery application.It currently has very flexible ui based on Http and use ATOM feed reader for the external albums.The pictures and albums can be hosted on the JCR Repository or in file system depending on the deployment scenario. This presentation will demonstrate a real world application exploiting Tuscany SCA framework for developing its components.We will show how tuscany helped in developing new components and how easily we can expose these components to external Consumers.We will demonstrate how SCA based architecture helped in focusing on the business logic rather than on the infrastructure code. Presentation will demonstrate the benefits of Bindings and how we integrated Photark components with various web2.0 technologies(e.g Ajax and ATOM feeds etc).In addition Tuscany runtime allows Photark components to deploy standalone or on the cloud environment with no or minimum modification.We also show the benefits of declarative approach of the Tuscany framework.