ApacheCon NA 2010 Session

Building RESTful services using SCA and JAX-RS

REST is an important aspect of the Web 2.0 world. Building RESTful services can be a challenge as REST is just an architectural style. JAX-RS emerges as the programming model that guides Java developers to develop services in REST. On the other hand, we often need to assemble services, including RESTful and traditional ones, into an enterprise composite application. SCA gives us the power to define and composite services in a technology neutral fashion. This talk is to share the interesting ideas to combine the power of both SCA and JAX-RS that we explore in Apache Tuscany project with the JAX-RS runtime from Apache Wink project. The Tuscany Java SCA runtime provides the integration with REST services out of the box via several extensions. Tuscany REST binding (binding.rest) leverage JAX-RS annotations to map business operations to HTTP operations such as POST, GET, PUT and DELETE to provide a REST view to SCA services. The REST binding also allows SCA components to invoke existing RESTful services via a JAX-RS annotated interfaces without messing around HTTP clients. JAX-RS applications and resources can be dropped into the SCA assembly as JAX-RS implementation (implementation.jaxrs). Tuscany also enrich the JAX-RS runtime with more databindings to provide support for data representations and transformation without the interventions from application code. This session will teach you how to model, implement, invoke and expose RESTful services using SCA and JAX-RS. We'll walk you through a sample application developed using Apache Tuscany and Wink.