ApacheCon NA 2010 Session

SCA Reaches the Cloud

Today's Cloud environments poses new challenges for application developers: Hiding Cloud infrastructure from business logic, assembling components on heterogeneous and distributed Cloud environment, optimizing the provisioning of the required Cloud resources and moving application components around to recompose the application. This presentation will demonstrate how to use Apache Tuscany and the Service Component Architecture (SCA) to assemble an application composed of several service components (written in Java, Python and C++) and deploy it to a distributed Cloud (EC2, Eucalyptus, Google AppEngine). We will show how to take the SCA assembly and automate the provisioning and configuration of the cloud platform services required by the application components on each platform, using Apache Libcloud and Apache Deltacloud. We will also illustrate how to encapsulate Cloud infrastructure services (Data store, queueing etc) as SCA components to simplify the construction and assembly of the application, and how to move components around, rewire the application to adjust to new business and Cloud deployment conditions.