ApacheCon NA 2010 Session

Building Cloud Native software

To really take advantage of cloud, software must be optimized to run in the cloud. This presentation explores what it means to be "Cloud Native" and looks at a real open source project that has built a complete Cloud Native platform. Cloud is not just a better way to run existing software, there are core enhancements that need to be made to software to enable it to run really effectively in a cloud environment. Often the first thought is about massive scalability, but actually there are other key enablers: multi-tenancy, metering, dynamic distribution, self-service and incremental deployment and testability. This presentation explores these enablers and looks at how an Open Source project (Carbon) built on Apache technology was re-built to be cloud native. The presentation will cover not just the concepts but dive into the practical issues in making a cloud native system and also explore which Apache technologies can help along the way.