ApacheCon NA 2010 Session

Distributing, managing and monitoring a large number of devices

OSGi technology is becoming the preferred approach for creating highly modular and dynamically extensible applications. With framework implementations like Apache Felix readily available, there is no better time to start moving to OSGi technology. However, doing so requires to master the assembly, provisioning, and discovery of the components that make-up your system. Apache ACE, an Apache Incubator project, is a software distribution framework that allows to centrally manage and distribute software components, configuration data, and other artifacts to target systems.

In this talk, we focus on how you can manage large numbers of OSGi based software deployments and talk about the impact of remote management and software evolution on your architecture and practices. You'll learn how to tame the exploding complexity in the face of many embedded devices, lots of software and ever-changing featuresets in the context of a real world use-case: We'll present the case of a company which uses OSGi as the foundation for their modular device software, and the challenges they faced during their journey from small-scale pilot deployments all the way to large commercial roll-outs.