ApacheCon NA 2010 Session

Enterprise OSGi Applications with Apache Aries

OSGi Alliance created the Enterprise Expert Group was created in 2007, to address the growing need for standards covering modularity in Enterprise applications. Their first specifications were published in March 2010 covering some important basic building blocks for Enterprise applications. There are, however, a number of areas, as yet unaddressed. Apache Aries is an Incubator project, created in September 2009. Its scope is to "deliver pluggable Java components enabling an Enterprise OSGi application programming model". This includes implementations of specifications from the OSGi Alliance Enterprise Expert Group, but importantly provides an open collaborative forum to evolve the enterprise OSGi application programming model in the absence of standards, with a goal of contributing these to the relevant standards. Apache Aries currently makes available implementations of the Blueprint Container, JMX Management Model, JNDI Services, JPA Service, JTA Transaction Services and Web Applications Specifications as well as providing capability to construct a deployable application from OSGi bundles. This session will present an overview of the Apache Aries project and give an end-to-end demonstration of how a simple Aries Application can be assembled from Web, Persistence and Blueprint components and dynamically deployed.