ApacheCon NA 2010 Session

Making Tomcat a native cloud runtime - multi-tenant, elastic and metered

Are you running Tomcat on the Cloud? What can you do to make Tomcat really take advantage of the cloud? In this session we will discuss how to make Tomcat a native cloud runtime - one that is optimized to run "in" the cloud rather than just "on top" of the cloud. First we will look at what is important for any runtime that wants to truly be cloud native: multi-tenancy, self-service, elasticity, metering and billing, dynamic discovery and side-by-side versioning. Then we will explore how to make Tomcat work in this way. Based on experiences making Tomcat run in a cloud environment as part of Stratos, an Open Source project based on Tomcat and OSGi, we will look at the real issues, solutions, as well as exploring future work in this area.