Danese Cooper

ApacheCon Europe 2009 Speaker


Danese Cooper has a 20-year history in the software industry and has long been an advocate for transparent development methodologies. Danese worked for six years at Sun Microsystems, Inc. on the inception and growth of the various open source projects sponsored by Sun (including OpenOffice.org, java.net and blogs.sun.com). She was Sun's Chief Open Source Evangelist and founded Sun's Open Source Programs Office. She has unique experience implementing open source projects from within a large proprietary company. She joined the OSI Board in December 2001 and currently serves as Secretary & Treasurer. She is also a Member of the Apache Software Foundation and serves on a special Advisory Board for Mozilla.org. In 2005 Danese joined Intel to advise on open source projects, investment and support. In 2009 she joined REvolution Computing, her commercial open source startup. She speaks internationally on Open Source and Licensing issues.