Becoming a Tomcat super user

Have you ever wanted to to do more than just download Tomcat and install some web applications? Do you want to learn more about Tomcat internals and how everything fits together? Do you want to be able to apply patches for bugs to your Tomcat installation without having to wait for the next release? If you answered yes to any of the above questions then this presentation is for you. Starting with how the Tomcat subversion repository is structured, this presentation will show you how to build each of the major Tomcat versions from source, how to use your local build to generate binary patches for specific bugs and how to extend Tomcat functionality for your environment. After an overview of the Tomcat request processing architecture, a request will be examined as it passes through Tomcat using remote debugging. Key classes and decision points will be highlighted to provide attendees with potential starting points when debugging their own issues. To finish the presentation, and to give a practical example of how the knowledge gained may be put to use, a current bug will be examined, the root cause identified and a patch to fix it generated.