Shindig for Blogs and Wikis

Blogs, wikis and feeds helped to make the web more social by making it easy for folks to read, write and have conversations on the web; and now social networking technolgies are making the web and even more social. In this session you'll learn about OpenSocial, a new standard for interacting with social networking data via Web Service and via JavaScript Gadgets that can be embedded into social networking sites. You'll learn about Apache Shindig (incubating), which is the reference implementation of OpenSocial, and how it can be used to add support for social networking and gadgets to existing web applications and specifically Apache Roller and Apache JSPWiki. The session will cover: - Quick introduction to OpenSocial and Shindig - Overview of products/services that leverage OpenSocial - Benefits of social networking in blogs and wikis - How to support Google Gadgets in Roller and JSPWiki via Shindig - How to enable social features in Roller and JSPWiki via Shindig - How to add comprensive social graph support to Roller and JSPWiki via SocialSite - How to create an OpenSocial Applications that access Roller and JSPWiki