Managing Your Repositories With Archiva

Repositories have become a key component in software development nowadays. They are used for project source versioning, for project deployment and more basically for storing artifacts. Having this set up introduces problems like bulging repositories, corrupted files, download problems, access controls, and many more. So, introducing Apache Archiva.. Archiva is a build artifact repository manager which has the capabilities of hosting and serving an artifact repository. This session will focus on how to best use and utilize Archiva's key features to work with Maven. The session would be divided into four sections namely, introduction, strategies for managing your Maven repositories, administration and a short demonstration. The first section will be a brief overview of what Archiva is and what it does while the second section will cover repository configuration and set up, hooking up Maven with Archiva, and grouping your repositories. Security and maintenance will be tackled on the third section then followed by a short demonstration.