Using MINA 2.0 in Real Life

MINA 2.0 is a network framework written in Java. Having unique features and extension points, writing applications based on MINA is way simpler than doing so using the Java API. Many projects already use MINA : - Apache Directory Server (LDAP, LDAPS, Kerberos, NTP, using both TCP and UDP) is based on MINA unique capabilities to handle thousands of simultaneous clients, supporting more than 10 thousands requests per seconds. The encoder/decoder is stateful. - Vysper is an Apache Lab, demonstrating that one can write a XMPP server based on MINA - FtpServer is a complete server, based on MINA - AsyncWeb is an Http server written on top of MINA This presentation will demonstrate how easy it is to develop an application based on MINA, and we will use a XML based protocol to show that MINA 2.0 helps the server developers to focus more on the server's functionalities than on the network layer.