Event Driven Architectures with Apache Synapse

Event Driven Architecture (EDA) is a highly scalable approach for building large scale distributed applications and integrating across large organizations. In an EDA, many systems can manage their own destiny in connecting to the rest of the applications, and this approach means that new applications can be much more self-reliant. EDA has been widely adopted in the financial sector, but is gaining ground in many other areas. This presentation will introduce EDA and the benefits, challenges and best practices for building EDA, and also show how to architect real-life EDA systems. In addition, we will explore Complex Event Processing, which adds a whole new set of capabilities to find patterns, react in real time to data, and correlate across high volume data feeds. In addition, we will look in detail at how the Apache Synapse ESB can be used to build an EDA, both by itself and in conjunction with other projects such as Apache Qpid and ActiveMQ. We will examine how to build topic spaces, create routing and subscription patterns, and how to add Complex Event Processing to an EDA. This talk is aimed at coders and system architects who want to understand how event architectures can improve their systems and how to use Apache technology to build them.