Sustainable software: the community way

This session aims to look at software from an economics angle, showing how Open Development and community-based software can be powerful drivers towards building sustainable software and making money while at it. Now that Open Source is fully gone mainstream, there a still quite a few open questions on the table, such as how can Open Source beat real world economics rules (i.e., "who's footing the bill"), and whether the Open Source community will be able to build durable ecosystems that change the industry for good, proving it is not just a passing fad. The community model is paramount to building sustainable software, as this session will demonstrate by looking at hard industry numbers. Case studies from leading communities (Apache, Eclipse, Mozilla, Debian, and more) will be paired with the evolution of old-school business models from leading IT players, providing a reality check on the nascent Open Source industry, and how Open Development can be your business' best friend.