Open Source for Interoperability

Interoperability is the crux of many new technologies: Open Source has been joined by Open Standards, and the combination is creating a whole new wave of distributed and cloud computing possible. But interoperability is always hard, and takes longer to achieve than we expect. In this talk, we look at how Open Source can be used to crack this nut: how to build interoperability using the techniques of Open Source and Apache: meritocracy, distributed development, continuous testing and shared ownership. Open Standards and Open Source are actually completely different - Open Source projects allow coders to collaborate. Open Standards organizations are a no man's land where competitors can agree the minimum required to compete on a level playing field. In this talk, Paul Fremantle will address how to use the collaborative approach of Open Source to enhance Open Standards. Using several examples from several standards initiatives, Paul will how this approach has succeeded, and how others can replicate this success.