ApacheCon 2001
Santa Clara, California, USA
April 4-6, 2001

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ApacheCon 2001 Special Events

Here is a list of the special features, events, and activities available at the conference:


  • Opening Plenary
    The opening plenary session introduces the conference, and provides basic information such as where things are located, where to go and whom to see for help, and highlights any last-minute changes to the agenda.
  • Guru Keynote: Jon 'maddog' Hall
    Jon 'maddog' Hall will be one of the keynote presenters. maddog is a widely-known and respected Linux advocate, executive director of Linux International, and Linux evangelist extraordinaire.
  • Visionary Keynote: David Brin
    David Brin will be our visionary keynote speaker. Mr Brin is a well-known futurist and science fiction author (Startide Rising, Sundiver, and other Uplift novels, as well as Earth).

Events and Activities

  • Thursday, April 5, 1:15pm
    Covalent Technologies, Inc. presentation.
  • Thursday, April 5, 3:30pm: PHP 4 Internals
    Zend presentation.
  • Thursday, April 5, 3:30pm - 3:45pm: Coffee Break
    The Thursday afternoon coffee break is sponsored by Thawte.
  • Thursday, April 5, 5:30pm - 6:30pm: Welcome Reception
    The welcoming reception takes place in the Expo Hall, and gives delegates a chance to nibble while meeting each other, people from the Apache Software Foundation, and vendors. The welcoming reception is sponsored by IBM Corporation.
  • Friday, April 6, 1:00pm
    Covalent Technologies, Inc. presentation.

For more information, please contact info@apachecon.com


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