ApacheCon US 2008 Speaker

William A. Rowe Jr.

William's contributions to Apache include numerous enhancements to the Win32 port of the HTTP Server project, including CGI, security, Service control, file system support, and APR design targeted at the Win32 native API, and author of mod_aspdotnet. He provides Win32 hints to Apache related lists, and has been a speaker at previous ApacheCon events. As a member of the ASF and the Apache httpd and APR projects, and a Senior Software Engineer with the Covalent Division of SpringSource, his work on Apache continues in areas such as integration of Apache 2 with the Win32 security model and add-in modules. William started his career developing an array of customized and revenue document imaging systems. Prior to joining Covalent, he provided consulting services in revenue document generation and management, data transformation, application integration and Web interface services.