ApacheCon US 2008 Session

Building a custom Apache Jetspeed-2 Enterprise Portal: features, status and road map

Jetspeed-2 is a highly customizable and extendable Enterprise scale Portal which is as easy to use for lightweight portlet development, out-of-the-box portal setup or as framework for creating your own custom portal. The development of the Jetspeed-2 Portal is a very existing and thriving community process facing continues demand for improvements, new features and integration enhancements. In this presentation by core Jetspeed-2 developers you'll get first hand, detailed information about the current status and short term road map of new features like: Pluto 2.0 integration and JSR-286 support, a new JPA persistence store, Jetspeed "light", JCR and content repository integration, federated security and communities support, collaboration portlets, IDE integration, Wicket based administration, layout management and customization, etc. The architecture, configuration and flexible build support will be explained and a live demonstration will show how easy it is to create, build and run your own custom portal within just a few minutes. Furthermore, an overview and runtime demonstration of key and distinguishing features of the Jetspeed-2 Portal will be given: its pluggable security model, profiling, parallel rendering, page management, skinning, and the AJAX based Management API and Desktop.