ApacheCon US 2008 Session

Apache Felix - A Standard Plugin Model for Apache

OSGi technology is becoming the preferred approach for creating highly modular and dynamically extensible applications. The Eclipse IDE was the first highly visible project to adopt OSGi technology a few years ago, but more and more projects are moving in the same direction (e.g., Spring, JOnAS) or considering it (e.g., Directory, Geronimo, JAMES, Jackrabbit). With Apache Felix readily available, there is no better time to start moving to OSGi technology. This talk will provide a status update on the Apache Felix project and will show in detail how to launch and embed the Apache Felix framework into your own projects and the issues around doing so. By attending this talk, you will receive enough information to immediately start using Apache Felix as a dynamically extensible plugin mechanism in your own applications, additionally providing them the benefits of module version management, dependency resolution, and life cycle control.