ApacheCon US 2008 Session

Scripting your Java Application with BSF 3.0

One very important functionality of modern extensible applications is support for developping such extensions in any scripting languages. Many scripting languages available today provide some sort of Java integration but each integration is different making it very difficult for the vendor of the application to support more than one scripting language. Enter the Java Script API as defined in JSR-223. This API provides support for standardized integration of scripting languages in Java applications. Bindings already exist for a number fo scripting languages such as Groovy, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Tcl. This session will show how easy it is to add scripting support to a Java application using the Java Scripting API and thus support whatever scripting language the user of the application likes to use. Practical demonstrations using Apache BSF 3.0 as the Java Scripting API implementation and Apache Sling as a Java application to be scripted will show how easy it is to add scripting support and to add scripting languages quickly and at runtime without even restarting the application.