ApacheCon US 2008 Session

Java Monitoring and Trouble Shooting Tools In Action

CNET Networks owns a global network of popular web sites with a combined average daily page views of over 86.3 million. To keep our sites running smoothly, we frequently have to monitor and trouble shoot our Java applications. In additional to the tools and utilities that come with Java, we also use a few free tools to get the job done. In this session, we will demonstrate how these tools can be used to monitor and trouble shoot some common problems that we have come across. There will also be a general question-and-answer and open discussion at the end for attendees to share their favorite tools, tricks, and/or best practices in monitoring and trouble shooting Java applications. In additional to covering the tools that comes with Java (jconsole, jhat, jinfo, jmap, jstat), we will also take about a few free tools that we use. We will demonstrate these tools by using them against sample Java programs that exhibit some of the problem that we have come across in our Java applications: memory leak, OutOfMemoryError, slow performance. After the demonstration, the floor will be open for question-and-answer and discussion with attendees. I plan to ask the participants to share their experience in the subject matter, along with their favorite tools, tricks, and best practices.