ApacheCon US 2008 Session

Building composite applications with SCA and Apache Tuscany

Come learn how easy it is to build and deploy composite applications with Apache Tuscany. You will learn how to crate an SCA composite in a few minutes and then expand it to integrate with a Web 2.0 client application and backend data handling resources. In this session we will introduce SCA to give you an idea of what this SOA programming standard is about and help you understand how you can use Apache Tuscany or contribute to it. Apache Tuscany provides an infrastructure for developing and deploying composite applications in a distributed environment. It takes care of the complexity of environment that SOA developers typically need to deal with and instead allows them to focus on developing business logic. Apache Tuscany goes beyond the SCA specification and is an environment for innovative ideas around SOA, for example it extends SCA to work with web2.0 and OSGI. Apache Tuscany is integrated with other Apache technologies such as Tomcat, Axis2, Geronimo, BSF, Ode, XMLBeans and Abdera.