OFBiz Symposium @ ApacheCon

For the first time, OFBiz Symposium is co-locating with ApacheCon! With in-depth Trainings and two full days of sessions, attendees are invited to mix and match sessions from both ApacheCon and OFBiz. Take a look at the OFBiz schedule HERE...



OFBiz Framework Development (2-Day Training, Monday and Tuesday)
Target audience includes: developers, architects, test engineers
Presented by: Jacopo Cappellato, Ashish Vijaywargya, David E. Jones

OFBiz Functionality Overview (Full-Day Training, Monday)
Target audience includes: analysts, application designers, higher level developers, and others interested in the base functionality of OFBiz        Presented by: David E. Jones and John Maw


10:30  Panel: The Business of Open Source - Power, Prestige, and Propulsion

11:30  I selected OFBiz for my company, how do I start?  Presented by: Hans Bakker

14:00  Enough Rope to Shoot Yourself in the Foot: Using a Holistic Analysis and Design Approach to Avoid Hanging Your Open Source Based Application Project  Presented by: David E. Jones

15:00  Experiences with Real World OFBiz Projects  Presented by: Olivier Heintz

16:30  Building a Service Business on an Open Source Foundation  Presented by: Mike Bates

17:30  ERP trends, OFBiz position and India Outsourcing  Presented by: Amit Shinde

20:30  Birds-of-a-Feather Session: Who's Who in OFBiz (Past, Present... and Future?)  Meet the people you see on the mailing lists, and introduce yourself.

21:30  Birds-of-a-Feather Session: Panel Discussion: OFBiz Around The World  Panel includes: Hans Bakker, Olivier Heintz, Anil Patel, Amit Shinde, Jacopo Cappellato, Ean Schuessler, Brett Palmer, and others


09:30  Intuitive interfaces for complex e-commerce (Web 2.0 UIs for dynamic products with complex sub-assemblies)  Presented by: Ean Schuessler

10:30  Building OFBiz Infrastructures  Presented by: Matthew Porter and Craig McElroy

14:00  Automating your OFBiz Application Testing using Selenium  Presented by: Brett Palmer

15:00  OFBiz Framework Tools for Integrated Business Intelligence  Presented by: Jacopo Cappellato

16:30  Accelerating performance with Views and Dynamic Views  Presented by: Adam Heath

17:30  How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love OFBiz  Presented by: Martin Anderson and Ed Samour

20:30  Birds-of-a-Feather Session: Brainfood Gun Show: Webslinger + OFBiz  Presented by: Ean Schuessler and Adam Heath --Demonstration of Brainfood Webslinger and creating great looking WYSIWYG user interfaces with it. We've been doing terrible things to OFBiz at Brainfood. Watch in disgust as we demonstrate an unholy marriage of technologies best left separated. Thrill to dark projects ranging from the expansion of Fortune 500 hegemony to the viral dissemination of mind-bending comedy propaganda. Technological scintillation probable. Amusement guaranteed. Mixed drinks consumed, perhaps provided, depending on our ability to evade the notice of conference and hotel staff.

21:30  Birds-of-a-Feather Session: Panel Discussion: Framework Release Post-Mortem, Future Release Direction  Presented by: All Attending Committers, plus others invited -- Discussion of main things worked on for the Framework GA release, how it went, and plans for future framework releases as well as upcoming application releases.