ApacheCon US 2008 Session

Apache Nuts to Bolts

This comprehensive two-day Covalent Certified training is for Apache Web Server administrators. Attend both days to receive Certification, or attend your choice of one of the days to fill out your skills.

Day One: Apache Web Server Essentials - Introducing the Apache Web Server for beginning to intermediate administrators. You'll learn how to get a server running from scratch, and understand the essential directives that you'll need to deploy a secure, efficient server. We'll cover best practices for security, reliability and performance and build the server configuration from the ground up. Led by frequent project contributors William A. Rowe, Jr. and guest trainer Jim Jagielski.

Day Two: Apache Web Server Hands On - Using a primarily recipe-driven approach, we'll show you how to perform daily tasks and customizations that will make your job as an Apache Web Server administrator easier, more efficient, and more secure. We'll cover many of the lesser-known modules, including a number of third-party modules, and directives that you might not have heard of. Led by frequent documentation contributor Rich Bowen, co-author of the definitive reference "Apache Administrator's Handbook" and co-author of the "Apache Cookbook".