Ajax on Struts 2: How a Second Generation Web Application Framework Meets the Demands of RIA

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Struts 2 is a brand new, second generation web application framework. Two criteria by which all new frameworks should be judged are ease of development and compatibility with RIA techniques. If a new framework is worth it's hype, it should ease your carpal tunnel syndrome ( less typing! ) while simultaneously making Ajax, and other RIA techniques, as natural and convenient as traditional models of web application development. This training will try to provide two things. First, we'll give everyone a hands-on introduction to Struts 2 development by coding a “Hello World on steroids”. In addition to demonstrating the Struts 2 development flow, this pumped-up Hello World will also demonstrate how to do Ajax on Struts 2. You'll get a peak at a day in the life of a Struts 2 developer, and you'll also see how the framework facilitates clean Ajax development. It's part intro, part best practices. Bring your laptop and be ready to code. Ideally, have a Java IDE and a servlet container ready to go. Team programming will be encouraged ; teams of two should work best -- one typist and one “listener”. We're going to move fast, but it should work.