ApacheCon US 2006

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ApacheCon US Exhibitors

ApacheCon and Exhibitor opportunities are still available!
Please contact Delia Frees at delia@apachecon.com or call +1 707 765 0823 for more information.

Exhibit Hours:

  • Wednesday, October 11, 08:00-20:30
  • Thursday, October 12, 08:00-18:00
  • Friday, October 13, 08:00-16:30

ApacheCon US 2006 Exhibitor: Chariot Solutions

Chariot Solutions is an IT consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations improve productivity through the use of leading edge technology, primarily Java and open source. Our consultants possess a rare combination of deep technical expertise and industry knowledge, uniquely qualifying them to design, develop, support and tune mission-critical systems for our clients.

Leveraging open source products and frameworks such as Spring, Geronimo, Hibernate, Maven, Ruby on Rails and JSF, Chariot has established a flawless track record of successfully delivering high quality, scalable solutions for our clients.

ApacheCon US 2006 Silver Sponsor: Covalent

Founded in 1998, Covalent Technologies is the most trusted source for complete enterprise open source solutions. The leading provider of products and services for the Apache Tomcat Application Server, Apache Geronimo Application Server, Apache Axis Web Services Framework, and Apache HTTP, the world's leading Web server, Covalent is one of the few sources for full commercial support for Apache, Tomcat, Geronimo and Axis on a global basis. Covalent has assembled the deepest talent pool of Apache experts in the industry and is proud to be one of the most distinguished supporters of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), the dominant community for usable open source, and the open source community in general. For more information, visit www.covalent.com.

ApacheCon US 2006 Exhibitor: Google

Google is a global technology leader focused on improving the way people connect with information. Google's innovations in web search and advertising have made its website a top Internet destination and its brand one of the most recognized in the world. Google maintains the world's largest online index of websites and other content, and Google makes this information freely available to anyone with an Internet connection. Google's automated search technology helps people obtain nearly instant access to relevant information from its vast online index. For more information, visit www.google.com.

ApacheCon US 2006 Exhibitor: IONA

IONA developers provide leadership in several open source projects. IONA provides enterprise quality services and support for these projects bringing 15+ years of experience in high-performance integration solutions for Global 2000 IT. IONA's leadership in projects like the SOA Tools Project at Eclipse extends the company's history of supporting open standards. In the Apache community, IONA funds developers that are committers on the CeltixFire, Qpid, Yoko, and Tuscany projects which are all in incubation.

Krugle, Inc.
Find Code. Find Answers

Krugle is a search engine that brings the world of code to a developer's desktop. Krugle extends search beyond technical documentation and html pages by parsing code and code samples. Krugle crawls and indexes hundreds of public repositories, tens of thousands of projects and millions of code files. Scoring is based on the relevance and the context in which a particular term is found including function names and definitions, class names, and comments.

Collaboration is a key component to Krugle's offering. Developers have the opportunity to annotate, save, and share search results, enriching the value of company based and open source based projects.

About Rackspace Managed Hosting
A recognized leader in the global managed hosting market, Rackspace Managed Hosting is a world-class service organization delivering enterprise-level Web infrastructure and managed services to businesses of all sizes.

Serving more than 10,000 customers across seven data centers worldwide, Rackspace is among the top 50 Best Small & Medium Companies to Work for in America (HR Magazine). Acclaimed for the company's culture of service, or "Fanatical Support™", Rackspace has a one-of-a-kind work environment where employees are empowered to go above and beyond for customers and their company. For more information, visit www.rackspace.com, or call 800-961-2888.

ApacheCon US 2006 Exhibitor: Simulalabs

Through its CoRE Network, Simula Labs enables Enterprise IT to effectively adopt and manage open source software—bringing the same technical underpinnings and development best practices that support open source to power innovation inside businesses.

Simula's CoRE Network Subscriptions deliver the most current, fully-tested and production-ready distributions from LogicBlaze, Mergere and other supported open source companies. CoRE Network subscribers enjoy more than just ongoing maintenance releases, they also leverage unprecedented access to the product roadmaps for any of CoRE Network-hosted open source technologies—allowing IT organizations to effectively plan for future releases, as well as provide direct input on new capabilities.

ApacheCon US 2006 Exhibitor: SoapKnox

SoapKnox Inc. has developed Real-Time Web Service Monitoring products for Apache Axis, Axis2 and Synapse. Any Web service developed using Axis or Axis2 can be monitored seamlessly without interfering with the Web service implementation. The monitoring tool works on all J2EE compliant application servers like Tomcat, Geronimo, Tungsten, JBoss, WebSphere, WebLogic, Oracle etc.

SoapKnox's long-term mission is to develop end to end monitoring products for all Axis based Web service projects like WS-Addressing, WS-Security, WS-Reliable Messaging etc. Visit http://www.soapknox.com.

ApacheCon US 2006 Exhibitor: Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems has held open systems to be the cornerstone of its business philosophy since the beginning. From desktops to supercomputers, and from development tools to productivity suites, Sun is dedicated to delivering hardware and software based on open industry standards. Today, through shared technology innovation, Sun's continued commitment to Open Source is reflected in its leadership and key contributions to the many projects including OpenSolaris, OpenOffice.org, GNOME, Grid Engine, java.net, Jini, JXTA, NetBeans, Mozilla, Tomcat, and myriad others.

ApacheCon US 2006 Exhibitor: Virtuas

Virtuas Open Source Solutions is the premier provider of enterprise-level support services for widely adopted open source software such as Apache Geronimo, Apache Tomcat, AppFuse, Spring and Hibernate. Since 1999, Virtuas has provided the Global 2000 with world-class enterprise software solutions. For more information about Virtuas, please visit www.virtuas.com.

ApacheCon US 2006 Exhibitor: WS02

WSO2 is a startup technology company building open source Web services middleware platforms. Founded by pioneers in Web services and open source, WSO2 engineers contribute heavily to many key Apache Web services projects.

In addition to building key components in Apache, WSO2 is building integrated Web services platforms which offer industry leading performance and convenience for customers. WSO2's business model is to sell support for the software it helps build in open source. For more information see http://www.wso2.com/.

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