Covalent Technologies

Founded in 1998, Covalent Technologies is the most trusted source for complete enterprise open source solutions. The leading provider of products and services for the Apache Tomcat Application Server, Apache Geronimo Application Server, Apache Axis Web Services Framework, and Apache HTTP, the world's leading web server, Covalent is one of the few sources for full commercial support for Apache, Tomcat, Geronimo and Axis on a global basis. Covalent has been the trusted source that Fortune 1.000 enterprises turn to when migrating to open source and when deploying new open source initiatives. Covalent currently supports more than 50% of Fortune 500 and 70% of Fortune 100 companies. Covalent has assembled the deepest talent pool of Apache experts in the industry and is proud to be one of the most distinguished supporters of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), the dominant community for usable open source, and the open source community in general.

Information: www.covalent.com

Google, Inc.

Google is a global technology leader focused on improving the way
people connect with information. Google's innovations in web search
and advertising have made its website a top Internet destination and its brand one of the most recognized in the world. Google maintains the world's largest online index of websites and other content, and Google makes this information freely available to anyone with an Internet connection. Google's automated search technology helps people obtain nearly instant access to relevant information from it vast online index. For more information, visit www.google.com/jobs.

Information: www.google.com/jobs

IONA Technologies, Inc.

IONA uses distributed computing technology to streamline, modernize and lower the operating costs of existing middleware investments so companies can deliver services to their customers faster and more efficiently. IONA has consistently been a leader in the field, supporting demanding, mission-critical applications at Global 2000 customers including BellSouth, Credit Suisse, Raymond James & Associates, Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Post and Boeing.

Information: iona.com

Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems has held open systems to be the cornerstone of its business philosophy since the beginning. From desktops to supercomputers, and from development tools to productivity suites, Sun is dedicated to delivering hardware and software based on open industry standards. Today, through shared technology innovation, Sun's continued commitment to Open Source is reflected in its leadership and key contributions to the many projects including OpenSolaris, OpenOffice.org, GNOME, Grid Engine, java.net, Jini, JXTA, NetBeans, Mozilla, Tomcat, and myriad others.

Information: sun.com


Founded on the very same principles and ideology that unites a global open source community, thawte's continued presence at ApacheCon underscores our commitment to enabling the open and free exchange of information that will continue to shape our world. Open source is helping to realize access to information for hundreds of million of people in developing countries. As a globally recognized CA we believe that it is our duty to enable the safe and secure exchange of information between businesses and individuals. We do this be verifying and authenticating their identities, thereby allowing them to gain the trust and confidence of their users and customers. Thawte's Code Signing Certificates, used by thousands of businesses to verify the authenticity of digital code being transmitted across the internet, are uniquely platform independent. Our SGC SuperCerts Certificates enable better security for more internet users, many of whom would otherwise not able to enjoy 128-bit encryption.

Information: www.thawte.com


WSO2 is a startup technology company building open source Web services middleware platforms. Founded by pioneers in Web services and open source, WSO2 engineers contribute heavily to many core Apache Web services projects. In addition to building key components in Apache,
WSO2 is building integrated Web services platforms which offer industry leading performance and convenience for customers. WSO2's business model is to sell support for the software it helps build in open source.

Information: www.wso2.com

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www.developpez.com is the leading web online community for French- speaking developers (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec, ...) with more than 70,000 visitors daily, 1,400,000 unique developers monthly, and 5,000 messages daily on our Developer's Boards. www.developpez.com is providing all free services for developers: newsletter, magazine, news, blogs, courseware's, tutorials, articles, FAQ's, tests, benchmarks, reviews, debates, surveys, polls, tools, source codes, components, and free hosting.

Information: www.developpez.com

Devtown Station

DevtownStation maintains the most complete calendar of major IT events. All postings are self serve and include conferences, webinars and training. DTS is visited by over 2,000 unique visitors a day.

Dynamic Web Pages

Dynamic Web Pages is one of the biggest and most competent contact points for German-speaking PHP developers since 1999. The portal supplies over 7,500 “unique” experts interested in PHP with the latest news from the PHP scene on a day-to-day basis. In addition to this, Dynamic Web Pages offer developers the most comprehensive compilation of tutorials and articles on PHP, including the official PHP Handbook, up-to-date security information and much more. Being the official Zend training partner for Central Europe for two years now, Dynamic Web Pages offers preparation courses on PHP certification and a diversity of other PHP trainings.

Eclipse Magazin

As the first of its kind the "Eclipse Magazin" deals with the highly innovative and popular development environment Eclipse. The quarterly published magazine covers a broad range of vibrant Eclipse-based topics, such as Web Development, Testing, Application Lifecycle, and Rich Clients.
The Eclipse Magazin also includes a unique "Plug-in Parade" in which experienced Eclipse consultants present their favourite plug-ins as well as hands-on tips and tricks to get the best out of the latest releases of the Eclipse Foundation. "My personal Eclipse" is the rubric for skilled and renowned Eclipse professionals to explain their usage of Eclipse and to give expert tips.

Entwickler Magazin

Five magazines in one go: The Entwickler Magazin combined with Der Entwickler, Linux Enterprise, Enterprise Architektur Magazin, Datenbanken Magazin, and XML & Web Services Magazin assembles the important aspects of modern information technology to offer strategic one-stop know-how on enterprise applications.
The Entwickler Magazin provides product information, assistance with strategic decisions, and practical know-how. It reports on current trends, upcoming technologies and products independently and in a comprehensible manner. Coherent articles written by renowned authors help to get a better understanding and decision support. Through product tests, market surveys, and topical interviews the Entwickler Magazin stands for substantiated knowledge with practical pertiance.

Java Magazin

In the Java Magazin you will find very simple and practical explanations on Java as well as on XML technologies. The Java Magazin covers a very wide spectrum of topics such as Enterprise, Java on client and server, micro and wireless, product tests, market overviews, opinions and interviews.

Information: www.javamagazin.de

JAX Magazine

The JAX Magazine is a premier online resource for the latest industry and technology information pertaining to Java, Apache, XML, and Web Services. Let’s meet for coffee: bookmark JAX Magazine today, to sip into your daily brew of unbiased news, views and analysis about the current and emerging trends in the JAX world. The Fresh Brew, JAX Hojo, Coffea Works, and our range of Book Club Selections are bound to stimulate your average working day. So, come on over for your daily cup of Joe.

Linux Enterprise

Linux Enterprise collects up-to-date information for IT professionals, who are working in the Open Source field. The editorial concept includes market overviews of business software such as firewalls, backup tools or virtual private networks. In addition web applications from the areas of content and community management as well as e-commerce and tools for software development are introduced. In the development section you will find practical demonstrations of web-technologies dealing with LAMP as well as background articles for programmers and administrators.

Linux Magazine

In Linux Magazine, you'll find the tools, tutorials, reviews, and concrete technical discussions you'll need to unlock the secrets of Linux. Linux Magazine brings you solutions for real users with Linux on real desktops.
Each issue comes with a full Linux distribution or other valuable software collection on a bonus DVD, including major distros such as Suse, Mandriva, Fedora, Ubuntu, and Debian.


LinuxQuestions.org is a free, friendly and active Linux Community with over 250,000 members and over 2,200,000 posts. Founded in 2000 LQ offers forums, reviews, a Linux hardware compatibility list, a Linux knowledge base in wiki format, Linux tutorials, a free Linux download site, a Linux podcast, a Linux Radio show, a social bookmarking site and more. LQ has forums for everything from Linux Newbies to Linux in the Enterprise and has 25 officially recognized Linux distribution forums.

Methods & Tools

Methods & Tools is a free e-newsletter providing practical expert knowledge for software development professionals. It gives software development ideas more than one page to express themselves and covers all aspects of software engineering: project management and planning, analysis, design, testing, architecture, configuration management, process improvement, methodologies (UML, Agile), databases...

Open Enterprise Trends

Open Enterprise Trends
Bringing Open Source to Enterprise IT
Open Enterprise Trends, chronicles how Open Source/Open Standards can lower costs, speed development and easily extend F2000 legacy commercial software systems. OET's results-driven content includes: news, analyst trends, expert interviews, and IT Best Practices. OET strives to put Executives, Architects and Senior Developers all on the same page when evaluating LAMP-J and other Open Source options.

Information: www.oetrends.com

PHP Magazin

The PHP Magazin addresses every-day issues that professional PHP programmers have to deal with. The sections of the magazine include the following: "Enterprise", "Start-up", "Tools & Tips", "Development", "Databases", "Solutions".

Information: www.phpmagazin.de

PHP Magazine

The English speaking PHP Magazine is the international source for PHP programmers and web developers. It is available worldwide. Different sections on topics like "Enterprise", "Start-up", "Tools & Tips", "Development" and "Databases" provide the PHP community with all relevant information on PHP.

Information: www.php-mag.net